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data recovery software

When it comes to recovering lost or deleted files which aren’t actually gone, they’re really just hidden from view on your device, you should act faster because the faster you incorporate these five things, the quicker you’ll have a chance of getting your files back.Now let’s move on to the methods to run a data recovery process on your computer for free to get back your lost data.

Data recovery software

When it comes to data recovery software, many of you might think it’s a huge cost. Actually, most data recovery software come with a trial version to meet your needs. One credible brand, iBoysoft, offers two versions, including Mac data recovery as well as Windows data recovery. Both versions have 7-day trial for customers. You can recover up to 1 GB of data with the free version.

Recycle Bin

One of the simplest ways to actually get your files back is to check the recycle bin, so this one is a lot more effective if you have just deleted your files like just then. And honestly, a lot of people don’t often check the recycle bin, but most times, you can actually find what you’re looking for if you just check the trash.

So go ahead and do that now by double-clicking on the recycle bin to open it and go ahead and look through all the files that are there to see if the ones that you’re looking for can be recovered—Right-click on the files that you want to restore and choose the restore option in the next step.

This will restore the file to its original location; you can also drag the file out of the recycle bin and drop it on a new location where it will be stored; last but not least, you can verify that the files have indeed been restored to their original or their new location.


One of the things that viruses can do is they can delete or hide your files, and this is actually called ransomware. Often, if you get a virus, it’ll say we’ve deleted or hidden your files, and we’ll only release them if you pay a ransom or do something that the virus wants you to do. Actually, what actually has been done is the files that they say have been deleted have actually just been hidden.

What you can do is you can use the command prompt or CMD to actually retrieve your files and unhide them, which will give us access in the event of a virus infection. However, this method is definitely the most complex and least user-friendly yet undoubtedly worth a shot, so just pay close attention so go ahead and open the Start menu and type CMD, then right-click on it and select run as administrator.

Now you need to replace the X in the command with the drive letter of the particular drive that you’re trying to actually recover from, so this can be found by simply locating the drive in Windows Explorer and type in this command and hit enter.

Also, you need to make sure you replace the X with your particular Drive letter; that’s really important, and now, as you can see, the folder has been replaced on my drive with all of my pictures inside, so if you’ve ever run into a virus or something that has claimed to delete your files.

It is highly recommended running this command on the drive and seeing if it brings the folders back because I know that can be a terrifying thing, but honestly, most viruses will do this, and your files are just found; they’ve just been hidden on the computer so that command can really come and clutch if you’re in a pinch.

Backup and Restore

Now we’re gonna shift gears here a little bit and talk about another effective and accessible method which have to do with file backup, and the first one is a feature built right into Windows 10 called file history, so this feature. This feature was meant to replace the backup and restore quality that was built into older versions of Windows like Windows 7. It works really well if it’s been activated.

First, click on the file explorer icon and open the folder containing the items you want to recover. Then click the Home tab and then click the history button; let’s go ahead and select the files or folder that you wish to restore. It is recommended to navigate through time with the arrows to search for the version that you want to recover, then click the restore button, which will restore the file to its original location.

At this time, you can also address any naming conflicts, so if you have, you know a file that you’re trying to recover that has the same name as a file in its actual original location, and you can rename them to keep both of the files intact.


Among all the methods mentioned above, data recovery software can be the most secure and efficient way to recover deleted and lost data. In case of data loss again, back up your data now and enhance data security.

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