Skyworth S81 Pro Review: Excellent OLED TV for Game Fans

Skyworth S81

The performanceS81 pro launched by Skyworth in 2020 is quite good both in movie viewing and gaming. The wide and accurate color gamut delivers a bright but comfortable picture, the variable refresh rate tech and gaming mode enhance the game experience for users. In terms of its unique game mode, it is really an excellent OLED TV for game fans.


The Skyworth S81 Pro has a grey brushed metal body, shining like silver under the light. The base of the S81 Pro TV used a triangular base to hold the screen, which guarantees stability and pressure resistance. The high screen ratio and narrow bezel make the whole screen looks simple and elegant. The other interesting design about this TV is the screen of this TV is tilted slightly back. According to Skyworth, the screen adopted 5°healthy elevation angle to offer a more relaxing viewing experience. This humanized design really helps on relieving muscle tension of necks and shoulders after watching TV for a long time.  The S81 Pro with built-in WiFi 6 and Bluetooth function has three HDMI ports (two HDMI 2.1, one HDMI 2.0), two USB A ports ( USB 3.0 and USB 2.0), one fiber port, and one RJ45 port. HDMI 2.1 is much faster than HDMI 2.0 in terms of broadband speed, improves picture quality and sound quality, providing a better gaming experience.

Picture Quality

There are multiple modes for users to choose from, such as Standard Mode, Game Mode, Dolby Vision Mode, and Movie Mode, etc for users to choose based on users’ usage scenarios. Back to picture quality, the S81 Pro OLED screen with the support of CMO technology, the refresh rate can be increased to 240Hz, coupled with Skyworth 30+ picture quality tuning model of 3D LUT technology and 4K AI image processing engine with an independent APU upgrade, the gamut of color coverage is very accurate. Besides, in standard mode, the screen’s color temperature tends to be cooler, but Skyworth screens with warm color mode provide more realistic image colors. Equipped with Skyworth SOBiF non-afterimage technology that can reduce afterimages, which is great to watch sporting events. Moreover, S81 Pro also supports (CMO) Crystal Motion OLED function, which can insert 1:1 black frames for 120Hz refreshed picture, and realize 240Hz similar picture experience in some game scenes to further improve the fluency.


In terms of sound quality, the TV features a Dolby Atmos Speaker System 2.0.2, consisting of four channels, two of which are produced by the CSO channels, providing a more impressive surround sound experience. Additionally, The OLED panel is made of solid-state, even if the vibration does not affect the picture quality.

The S81 Pro also has a lift-up AI camera with a 2.24μm by 2.24μm CMOS sensor, an F1.76 aperture lens, and a professional-grade 3D noise-reducing ISP that produces clear images even in low light. Thanks to the camera, the TV can be used for large-screen photography, video call, family care, as well as playing motion-sensing games. So this TV is not only suitable for game lovers, but also for families with children.

Game Mode

The CMO tech performs video frame interpolation on a 120Hz screen, delivering the picture quality as if the refresh rate is at 240Hz. But for OLED, this is equivalent to low-frequency PWM dimming, powerful but not necessary. The HDMI 2.1 port on S81 Pro means faster broadband speeds and lower latency, the gaming mode game latency There is almost no game delay when it comes to actual game playing. The CSO sound channels create directed sounds, which makes the overall gaming experience more immersive and realistic. What’s more, the S81 Pro supports wired mirroring of iOS and Android devices, which means that all mobile phone games can be played freely on TV screens.


The S81 Pro has great performance in delivering enjoyable gaming and viewing experience. High color accuracy and wide coverage of color gamut bring fantastic image quality. With low latency and excellent sound and picture quality, it provides a smooth gaming experience. To sum up, Skyworth S81 Pro is definitely a wonderful choice for game fans and those who pursue a high-quality viewing experience.


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