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Esports is not much different from real life. Of course, not many people move around with assault rifles and snipers in real life, but the thing is, like real life, the more you practice, the better you will get at it.

But practicing just doesn’t mean playing the game for as long as you can. Of course, that is a part, but if you really want to establish a win-streak, you need to practice regularly.

Today, in this think-piece, we will discuss a game that has taken the world of Esports by storm, RUST. You will uncover all that you need to practice and how practicing them will help you achieve superpowers to play the game exceptionally well.

  1. The quicker, the better

In games like RUST, it is usually the one who fires first, wins. This is what makes on-feet thinking and speed the key here. So, what I recommend to you is to position your screen at the level where enemies appear. This will give you that extra second.

It is a very rookie mistake to look down all the time, where half of your screen is occupied by the ground. Making this mistake means you are going to take longer to aim at your opponent.

  1. Choose the right fight

You are not going to win every fight you choose, so choose only those fights that have high chances of you emerging as the winner.

Choosing the right fight is very important as this decides the majority of the things in your gaming instinct. Do not let your ego drive you into fighting a squad of eight people while you stand alone on the opposite end.

If you are playing solo, man-to-man fights are always better. And like I said, fights, where you are the one firing first, have greater odds of you winning it, so keep that in mind.

  1. Importance of making micro-movements

Just because you do not see anyone around doesn’t mean people aren’t around, secretly spying on you waiting for their turn to fire you. That being said, this is why you must not spend a lot of time at the same spot. If your strategy requires you to stand at a spot, keep making micro-movements, so if anyone aims to fire you, they miss most of their shots.

You must not even stand still while fighting other players. Don’t worry about accuracy. If you learn to fight while also making micro-movements, your opponent is sure to miss shots he aims at you.

  1. Healing

If you are in a fight without a hundred health points, you aren’t giving yourself a fair chance to win. So always ensure that while not in a fight, you have healed yourself.

Also, in fights that involve you hiding behind ridges and covers, you can even risk healing yourself mid-fight. It might seem inefficient but healing can give you an added advantage sometimes.

  1. Value each weapon, differently

No two fights are the same in RUST and those who are pros at this game, completely understand that the only RUST Hack you need is to know and be able to identify the right weapons for each fight.

Some close combats require assault rifles whereas, for long-distance battles, you cannot do without a sniper. You require a machine gun when the battle is solo vs squad, and likewise, each weapon is important but the key is to know when is the right time to leverage it.

  1. Learn to loot efficiently

Now that almost everything is available so easily, it is very easy for people to become greedy in RUST. I recommend you to not be one of them. Most of your ammo will be left unused, so instead of building up useless ammo, focus more on health supplies, like bandages, kits, drinks, and syringes.

Also, make sure you have all the attachments to your weapons. Make sure you do not forget to loot your enemies after you kill them.

That’s it. But remember, like everything, even this takes some time and a lot of practice. You cannot expect to be a pro at RUST, the first time you play. So, give yourself time, you are sure to improve!


Written by Frederick Jace

A passionate Blogger and a Full time Tech writer. SEO and Content Writer Expert since 2015.

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