Pedestrian Safety And Accidents In New York City: 5 Things To Know

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The global city of New York attracts millions of individuals from all corners of the world. Being the financial capital of the world, it is home to possibilities, opportunities, and the promise of creating a better future. It is one of the most crowded global cities in the world.

The infamous traffic snarls of NYC have forced a lot of people to take up walking. Not only is this activity very healthy, but it can help you save on fuel and maintenance costs of your vehicle. Walking in NYC comes with its own charm and nostalgia.

It can also be the faster option to escape traffic jams and construction hold-ups in major intersection points of the city. However, even though NYC has set rules and regulations governing traffic and pedestrian safety, there are thousands of accidents that take place.

In this article, we are going to discuss pedestrian safety norms in New York. Specially, we are going to discuss five major things you need to know about pedestrian accidents in the city.

List of 5 Important Things to Know about Pedestrian Accidents in New York City

  • You can Hire an Accident Lawyer in NYC-

If you are a pedestrian that was injured by a vehicle or by a construction mishap, you can contact the best New York accident lawyer. As a pedestrian, you are well within your rights to file a personal injury lawsuit.

You can drag the accused to court and seek compensation for your medical needs and lost wages. It is the duty and responsibility of vehicle and premises owners to ensure the safety and concern of pedestrians in a public setting.

  • Follow all the Sidewalk Etiquettes to avoid mishaps-

Most places in the city have earmarked sidewalks to ease the experiences of pedestrians. If you are walking on the sidewalk, you need to ensure that you are following all the necessary sidewalk rules and etiquette.

In case a road does not have a sidewalk, walk on the road facing the traffic and keep your distance to the boundaries as far as possible. Try to avoid stopping for selfies on the sidewalk, or occupy too much space while walking with three or more friends.

  • Pay attention to Traffic Signals and Intersection Guidelines-

You can file a personal injury accident lawsuit only if you, as a pedestrian, were following all the norms. If you are guilty of violating the guidelines as has been stated by the authorities, it is your personal fault and mistake.

In such instances, you do not stand to win any compensation for your injury. According to traffic experts, different intersections might have banners put up for pedestrian safety. It is essential that you follow them to avoid any untoward incidents.

  • Do not be Distracted while walking as a Pedestrian-

If you have seen fellow pedestrians walking in NYC, you would have noticed how most of them are on their cell phones. They might be typing, or talking to someone, or even playing some games.

This is referred to as distracted walking and can cause major injuries and accidents. It can also reduce the strength of your personal injury accident lawsuit if the opposing lawyer can prove that you were distracted and not paying attention to the road.

  • Teach Pedestrian Safety Guidelines and Rules to your Children-

Adults might be more mindful about walking on the sidewalks. Children, on the other hand, can be far more distracted when it comes to being pedestrians. As parents and elders, it is our duty and responsibility to ensure that our kids are safe out on public roads.

This is why you need to teach them about all the safety protocols and guidelines. Creating the safest walking option for them is the best way to keep them out of harm’s way.

The Final Word

There are times when vehicle owners will transgress their limits and end up injuring some innocent pedestrians. In such instances, you need to lawyer up and fight for the damages that you have received because of someone else’s negligence. Hiring the best personal injury lawyer is something that should be right on top of your priority list.


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