Guide To Cropped Shearling Jackets For Women

Cold-weather garderobe can be edgy and chic and still keep you warm. A cropped shearling jacket is undoubtedly one of those versatile but statement things that can bring your winter look to the next level. In this article, we will discuss cropped shearling jackets which are especially favored by many fashion designers. 

How to find the perfect shearling jacket? 

Classic shearling jackets are the most versatile ones. And they always look cool. Therefore, if you choose a classy shearling jacket with fur trim, you will also have a variety of chic looks to choose from. For those who like more original options, stylists recommend paying attention to the aviator leather shearling jackets with wide lapels. And do not worry, it is possible to combine aviator jackets with feminine, romantic, classy, sporty, and business outfits. Another trend for shearling jackets is the suede + (matte + glossy) leather combination. Such unusual jackets may also be asymmetrical. 

The color of the jacket also plays an essential role in outfits. So, a black shearling jacket is classy. You can pair it with almost any pants, sweaters, or skirts. You can safely wear it with an evening dress or business pantsuit. Consider choosing this chic ensemble for the party or casino visit in case you prefer visiting landbased casinos instead of gambling gates of olympus tips and tricks online. Brown cropped shearling jackets will make a great part of casual and grunge winter looks. Those who want to look brighter in gray and cold everyday life can choose emerald, crimson, or red-colored jackets. 

So, as you can see a cropped shearling jacket is a truly versatile thing. But who will it suit? Such outerwear has practically no age and weight restrictions. 

How to wear shearling jackets? 

Now let’s understand what to wear such things with. Well, a shearling jacket may be an essential part of a casual winter capsule. Therefore, experts recommend wearing elegant turtlenecks under cropped shearling jackets. They will be a reliable protection from the cold and keep you warm. You can also opt for cozy knitted sweaters but then don’t forget to add to your outfit the chic scarf.

Speaking about bottoms, chic pants or high-waisted jeans can streamline your winter outfits with a shearling jacket. You can also wear a jacket with skinny or straight jeans or fleece-lined leggings. The undoubted advantage of cropped shearling jackets in winter is that under them you can safely wear them with skirts of almost any cut and length (A-line, pencil, pleated, midi, maxi, etc.) A warm maxi skirt would be a great option for cold weather. Pairing a black leather skirt with a black aviator shearling coat will also look very stylish.

It is also possible to pair dresses under shearling jackets. It would be better if they were knitted to keep you warm. If you like long sweater dresses or tunics, you should immediately get them out of your wardrobe. Paired with a shearling jacket and eye-catching jewelry a neutral-colored elegant sweater dress will look stunning. To elevate your look you can add statement accessories to it. Then give preference to tote bags. A fashionable leather backpack will free your hands and give an extra edgy touch to the outfit. 

As for shoes, you can wear a shearling jacket with almost any winter boots you want from lace-up leather boots to overknee suede boots. To add an edgy vibe to your look, wear a shearling with chunky track soles. To look sporty wear a shearling jacket with a hoodie, pants, and warm winter sneakers. The only thing to remember is that the shoes should be combined in color with the outfit.

Elevate your cold-weather garderobe with a cropped shearling jacket and stay cool!

Written by Francis Underwood

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