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Top 5 Books About Health To Read In 2023-2024

All of us dream of having good health, but only a few know how to get it. Fortunately, some owners of such invaluable information have shared it and put their thoughts in books. Find out which ones are really useful for you! 

“Eat Move Sleep: How Small Choices Lead to Big Changes” by Tom Rath

This book, written by Tim Rath, has become a real-world bestseller, and it is quite justified because the author has been fighting insidious cancer for twenty years, and very successfully. He has developed three basics of life, which have become his daily rules. These are eating, sleeping, and moving. Tim believes that many people live without thinking about the future and the present, and pay little attention to such seemingly unimportant little things as making a healthy breakfast, sleeping instead of watching TV or playing reactoonz slot games and video games, and communicating live instead of on the Internet. And while such unspoken rules are clear to everyone, put together, they can form a new approach to health and life.

“Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition” by T. Colin Campbell

Everyone knows that to be healthy, you need to eat right, and this thought is so firmly planted in most people’s heads that some repeat it like a mantra, but don’t put any meaning or have no idea what health-boosting food truly should be. The author reveals the secrets and turns around ideas about food and its benefits. He exposes the myths that have been imposed on us by unscrupulous manufacturers and proves that the products that many people fill their refrigerators with are actually harmful or even gradually kill. Of course, after reading it, legitimate questions may arise, but they will become a reason to study in-depth information about the food sold and choose healthy food.

“Being Happy!: A Handbook to Greater Confidence and Security” by Andrew Matthews

The author of this book is a talented Australian artist, writer, and psychologist. He is convinced that the full prevention of all diseases and a guarantee of good health and life without problems is a complete release from stress. Andrew Matthews provides readers with an effective cure for anxiety, depression, and bad moods. Elegant style and witty text imbued with subtle humor complemented by “signature” images, and all this together will certainly help without problems to achieve success in studies, relationships, family and personal life, career, and other areas of life. Any problem is quite solvable, and even if it causes difficulties, it is not a reason to be sad and give up. Andrew’s clear non-trivial advice is accompanied by real-life stories and helps to make sure how beautiful and easy it is to live.

“Psychology of Bad Habits” by Richard O’Connor

The author is a practicing doctor-psychotherapist, so it is accessible and understandable to explain to readers why it is so difficult to fight bad habits. He reveals the duality of human nature and some features of the brain that make us repeat some actions again and again. Richard O’Connor offers simple but effective ways to use and work through involuntary brain functions, which will help not only to get rid of destructive and poisoning life habits but also to completely change behavior.

“52 Small Changes: One Year to a Happier, Healthier You”  by Brett Blumenthal

This book is worth reading for everyone who wants to start living right and become healthier. The author tells us that it is impossible to take and completely change yourself and your life in one day. He suggests that you give yourself a year to complete the program he has developed, which includes 52 changes. They are quite real and simple: new eating habits, physical activity, attitude toward the world. None of these changes will cause difficulties, and in the end, the reader will come to a different, happy, and healthy lifestyle.

Written by Francis Underwood

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