Home Security Cameras: Where Are the Best Places to Install Them?

Home Security Cameras: Where Are the Best Places to Install Them?

Every home deserves to be protected. Security cameras can provide 24/7 surveillance on any home and property. They can provide every family with a sense of security when they are far from home, travelling, or fast asleep inside their house. However, people make the common mistake of installing one or too many security cameras in unnecessary areas of the house. Surveillance and Camera Monitoring, provide state-of-the-art surveillance systems for business, with remote video security monitoring.

When planning for a Security Camera Installation, homeowners should be able to plan the locations of the cameras depending on the layout of their house. Because every house is different, each home requires a different home security camera setup. It is important to consider these key locations before beginning the installation.

Home Exterior Installation Areas

Traffic Cameras on the Web should first be installed at various areas outside the house where thieves are most likely to break in. Any homeowner should consider installing in the following places:

  • Front, Back, and Side Doors: A security camera at the main entrance can help owners easily keep track of the people who come in and out of the house. Any suspicious person can be declined entrance access. Out-of-sight doors should also be monitored since they can be more accessible by intruders.
  • Garage and Driveway: The garage is also a common entry point for burglars. They can easily gain access to the main house when there is an interconnecting door in the garage. If they are solely interested in the tools and equipment in the garage, the owner can easily monitor suspicious activity and take necessary action.
  • Front and Backyard: A security camera in both the front and backyard can help spot thieves and trespassers who are hiding or already trying to escape. It is also useful in monitoring kids and pets.
  • Windows: Robbers can also try and sneak into the house through windows. It is best to have security cameras installed, especially for those that do not directly face the street.

Home Interior Installation Areas

For enhanced safety measures, Security Camera Installation should also be done in key locations inside the house. These are some common areas where they should be installed:

  • Stairways or Hallway: When a burglar successfully breaks in through unmonitored areas of the house, they can still be detected through the cameras installed in the main stairway or hallway.
  • Common Areas: Placing security cameras in the living room or dining area can help parents monitor their children’s activities and catch anyone trying to steal valuable stuff in these areas.

Other Guidelines for Security Camera Placement

The placement of security cameras is crucial in making effective and wide-range surveillance. Homeowners should also have a strategic plan when installing them in the intended location.

For outdoor security cameras, consider the height and the visibility of the cameras. They should be high enough to cover a wider area and not be reached by potential thieves. The owner can also choose if they should be visible or hidden to the public’s eye. Hidden cameras are usually safer to use.

In placing indoor security cameras, corners are typically the best place to install them to cover the largest viewing angle. Also, avoid placing them directly next to a light source to always get clear footage.


Security cameras should be installed strategically in both exterior and interior locations to give maximum security and protection to any home.

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