Salesforce Testing, Its Technique And Tools

Salesforce Testing, Its Technique And Tools

When we think about salesforce testing, there are specific questions that usually buzzes in our head.

Knowing about the basics like all the minor and major details will help you decide what’s best for you like you can either go for selenium salesforce testing or try other resources for your automated salesforce testing.

However, there are other things to know.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the world’s first cloud-based customer relationship management system. This CRM platform was created with the aim to make it affordable and straightforward for users to sell, service, market, evaluate, and communicate with their customers.

Many people choose Selenium as their go-to solution when looking for the best automation tool for Salesforce. If you are thinking about selenium salesforce keep reading to make sure you are making a well-thought decision and are aware of the potential challenges.

The Salesforce Testing Technique

Salesforce’s testing procedure is like any other web-based application. During the testing process, the tester should clearly understand the customizable features that are designed. It allows them to concentrate on the customized code rather than the Salesforce features that come standard.

For each of their purposes, the developer and tester can use the Sandbox environment (Test Environment). The Sandbox environment is used to test code before it is deployed to production. It is believed that the QA tester is familiar with and understands the terminology used in Salesforce.

Test Automation Tools for Salesforce

Since most test web pages are dynamic, performing automated functional tests in Salesforce is difficult. As a result, the tester must create a solid automation framework that will be useful not only now but also in the future.

With so many open-source and commercial automation tools to choose from, selecting an automation-testing tool can be difficult. We have compiled a list of the finest automated tools for the convenience of our readers. Titan Survey is an app for survey integrated with salesforce with easy to use features.

  • Selenium  

Selenium is a well-known name in the list of best salesforce testing tools. Because of its superior web automation testing methods, we rank it first. It is used to automate Cross-Browser tests on various platforms, and a variety of programming languages supports it.

Selenium is available for Linux, Windows, and Macintosh. Selenium can also automate the transfer of specific manual changes from one Salesforce organization to another. It eliminates the need to prepare a test day every time the sandbox is refreshed, and so on, with endless usability.


ACCELQ speeds up salesforce test automation through pre-defined Salesforce Universe, Codeless natural language automation, and automated change effect analysis capabilities.

Because of the shortened configuration and implementation cycles, Salesforce testing and automation require more flexibility. With no technical complexities or overheads, ACCELQ capabilities are uniquely leveraged with ready-to-use test automation assets.

You can gain complete visibility into the quality of Salesforce implementation by empowering business users and other stakeholders.

  • Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is one of the most successful salesforce testing tools. It is a web-based and mobile-friendly automated platform with an open-source interface.

Katalon integrates well with salesforce tools like Selenium and Appium, enhancing those frameworks with features like object spy, a user-friendly IDE, an object repository, and a browser plugin. It integrates seamlessly with Continuous Integration tools like Jenkins, Bamboo, and TeamCity.


The future of software development is bright if we use suitable testing methods for its automation. It will result in lower prices, better performance, and increased profits for businesses.

The choice of testing automation tools entirely depends on the business requirement, but they all have the same kind of goal in mind: to deliver high-quality software quickly. Following the test suite with the right approach can help big time.

Written by Addison Taylor

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