How Age Verification is Protecting your Loved ones?

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In this fast pacing digital era, every business needs to do age verification measures. The influx of the internet and smart devices have exposed multiple dark sides of online platforms. Around the world, legislation laws have been passed for age verification in multiple industries like e-commerce platforms, online gaming and gambling, Tobacco and alcohol, digital platforms, and Pharmaceuticals and hospitals. 


Today the internet allows easy accessibility to online purchasing and provides the freedom to stay anonymous.  The rapid use of the internet is raising some serious concerns among parents in order to protect their children from multiple online platforms. Easy access to social media platforms and online video games are affecting teenagers’ and children’s mental health. They are experiencing negative emotions like violence, hatred, vengeance, and becoming socially isolated day by day. Foolproof implementation of age verification software, alcohol education in schools, proper check and balance from parents, appropriate age barriers on the purchase and sale of the product can prevent the future of our loved ones.


Significance of Age Verification

Due to several loopholes in manual verification, now businesses and government and legal entities are looking for foolproof age verification software,  which is a combination of Human Intelligence (HI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). According to the Tech Expert/Guru, 63% of industries suffered from online frauds and 75% of online businesses are in a high need to secure their systems.

The age verification process identifies buyers and masses of audiences with certain age restrictions who are consuming online products and services. It can be done through live face verification as well as through document verification. Age verification software performs real-time verification that is synergized with human and artificial intelligence which ensures that buyers must fall under a particular age category.

Facial verification is the best practice that prevents the business from synthetic identities and from underage access risks. Such software promises better convenience, greater accuracy, and higher security to permissible users.


Businesses that Need Age Verification

It is important for businesses to check the authenticity of customers as it is part of regulatory compliance. Otherwise, businesses can face huge penalties in case of refusal. It is a myth that only gaming websites, alcohol, and gambling require age verification but the truth is vice versa. There are many industries that require constant age verification screening, some of them are as follow:

  • Gambling websites and online gaming

Such businesses need to perform strict Know your customer (KYC) before allowing the buyer or audience and age verification is a basic part of the rules. It provides swift results and provides hassle-free regulatory compliance. 

  • E-Commerce Platforms

E-commerce platforms offer multiple products in which some of the contents are suitable for adults and some are suitable for children. Such businesses face difficulties in managing their billions of audience. That is why digital platforms must use age verification software to keep minors out of reach.

  • Pharmaceuticals (Medicinal Marijuana)

Covid-19 outbreak not only opened new ways of opportunities but also posed a major threat to online pharmacies. Consumers found a convenient way to purchase medication. Online pharmacies have the right to sell some expensive drugs and teenagers use their parents’ gadgets to get some drugs. That is why online pharmacies need to implement age verification software for better screening.

  • Tobacco and Alcohol

According to Monitoring the Future survey 2020, there was no decline observed in alcohol consumption. Alcohol consumption among teenage students increased 21% in 2020 as compared to 2019.

That is why tobacco and alcohol consumption are now strictly monitored around the world. And with the help of age verification software, online alcohol and tobacco dealers are now able to verify their customers more accurately.

  • Government Pension funds and NGO’s

Government institutes and NGOs provide multiple beneficiary programs to citizens such as pensions, health benefits to old citizens, house scheming offers, tax deductions, and many more. Fraudsters use identity cards of such people and take illegal advantages from such schemes. Age verification systems and KYC reduces the loss of deserving people.

  • Legal Territories

Government sectors and legal sectors are in more need to implement AML and KYC screening for fraud prevention and customer retention. Most of the time legal representatives face some serious situations when fraudsters use synthetic identities and try to manipulate them.

In order to protect our loved ones, there are a lot of companies who are working tirelessly to make our lives easier. There is much top software like ID insight, Trulioo, IDology, Shufti pro, Acuant from which we can take benefits.


How Age Verification Service Providers make our lives easier?

There would be no doubt in saying that these age verification service providers offer an effective age verification which makes our life hassle-free. It enables us to onboard authorized customers and saves our children and business from fraudsters.

  • Age Verification

The age verification solutions extract the data from government-issued documents and also verifies other credentials like date of birth, address, name, and other identifying numbers. This system is based on AI solutions

 and does the in-depth screening of identities in less than a minute.

  • Fraud Prevention

These age verification service providers operate on real-time fraud intelligence and require a live selfie of the customer to authorize the purchase of products. It leaves no loopholes for fraudsters to steal the IDs of elders and savvy minors.

  • Live detection

These solutions practice live detection of the face along with anti-spoofing attacks which provide a 3D depth screening of a person.  Such biometric authentication leaves no ambiguity and ensures that the customer is physically present.

  • Continuous Verification

Once all the verification completes successfully, shufti pro online confirmation ensures that the real owner can sign in to its account and purchase online. It does not end here, these solutions continuously verify identity during the ongoing purchasing.


To wrap up, ongoing age verification is very essential to protect your loved ones.  It ensures their safety, prevents them from cyberbullying, and makes their lives hassle-free. With ongoing moral and legal implications, it is crucial for businesses to implement age verification solutions in order to build trust among their customers.


Surprisingly, all these top age verification service providers offer you a complete solution and verify your data in less than one minute. They look closely at your data and it not only protects our loved ones from difficulties but also keeps them safe from illegal laws.

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