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Cloud migration has gained vast acceptance over the past few years. The cloud services that can offer a vast range of features and capabilities now have become a favorite technology option for many businesses. Most of the global companies have already migrated to the cloud, and as a result of that, they reap benefits on all fronts of their business.

Though the benefits of cloud migration are appealing, you have to find out, if the cloud migration is fit for your business. Choosing the right cloud provider can help you make the decision, and they can keep the migration on track with the right approach, plan, and right technology as per your business needs. As it offers numerous beneficial services, ideal for small and large businesses, cloud technology can surely be a promising choice to lower costs and simplify operations.

Cloud migration

Cloud migration is referred to as the process of transferring applications and other IT processes to a cloud computing environment. i.e., migrating your applications and data from an on-premises server or system to centralized cloud servers. Maintaining infrastructure and its systems is sometimes a costly deal for businesses. When you migrate to the cloud, you do not have to worry about the costs associated with maintenance and up-gradation. Moreover, you can access unlimited storage space to store and manage huge amounts of data while the business grows.

Cloud migration offers your business access to hardware resources and software applications available with cloud providers on a subscription basis. This gives maximum flexibility while reducing costs. A recent study conducted by tech giant Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners UAE says that small-medium businesses have reported improved productivity after migrating to the cloud. For your business migrating to the cloud extends benefits beyond cost savings and productivity.

Costs are predictable

When you have decided to move to the cloud, it is better to compare the legacy costs, for example, licensing, hardware, maintenance, and property. Cloud costs, however, are predictable than premise-based applications and systems. The benefit of the cloud is that it is able to scale with regard to the increasing number of users. Therefore, it is easier to make an accurate budget for cloud migration.


Cloud services are one step ahead when it comes to flexibility. You can avail of the service as and when needed – be it software or hardware resources. In case you do not need the service, you can simply cancel your subscription and shut down the service. You can store unlimited data in cloud storage. Data stored in the cloud can be accessed through mobiles and tablets, at any time and from any location. This allows for greater employee collaboration and communication.



Lowered costs

Cloud services are available on a subscription basis. (i.e., monthly or annual subscription plans). In the case of on-premises software, you have to pay a licensing fee, but in the cloud, you can use the software for the amount you pay. The same is the case in the use of hardware resources. This allows enterprises access to storage, software, and hardware without having to invest in infrastructure, maintenance, and upgrades.

Quicker Applications Deployment.

It is important for your business to stay competitive. Cloud applications can be deployed quickly and safely. At the same time deploying on-premises apps normally requires time and hardware procurements.

Backup and data recovery

Cloud service is included with auto backup and data recovery facility. In case of any unforeseen outages, you can reinstate business operations without any delay and effort. So, with cloud services, you can reduce the amount of stress about losing important information and business continuity. It offers optimized data protection in a reliable and unified manner.


Data security should not be taken too lightly. This can be a worry when your important data is stored in on-premises servers or systems. Your data is being susceptible to hacking and other attacks. In the case of cloud computing, you do not have to worry about any form of the security breach. Your data will be secured with high-end security measures.

Risk Reduction.

It is riskier to run applications in aging hardware systems. In those systems, manufacturer maintenance may be limited or even canceled. Also, application upgrades may not be even available. However, in the cloud systems, applications run on the latest and current hardware platforms with the latest software versions, updates, and patches. This reduces the risks associated with these factors.

Migrating to cloud technology is an appropriate solution that helps run your small business cost-effectively. With many businesses using cloud services successfully across the globe, you just cannot ignore the benefits it provides. When considering migrating to cloud services, it makes sense to depend on experienced Microsoft gold partner UAE.


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