How are New Generation Motor Starters Driving Machine OEM Workplace Efficiencie

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Science and technology are the only two fields that invest huge amounts of resources in evolving and developing their respective fields. Researchers often collaborate with expert professionals to come up with novel technological solutions to upgrade various sectors of society like industrial, educational, healthcare, and more. In this article, we will be focussing on how new generation motor starters are driving machine OEM workplace efficiencies. 

When the world is introduced to a new technological advancement, it usually has a direct impact on the industrial sector. An industry is equipped with a number of electrical instruments, machinery, and tools that can be benefitted from novel electronic solutions. There are prestigious electrical manufacturers that are actively producing digitalized solutions aimed at enhancing OEM workplace productivities.

Before we start, let us understand the meaning of OEM or original equipment manufacturer. The economic sector has multiple types of industries and organizations; therefore, any company or equipment manufacturer that curate devices from electrical parts bought from other companies is known as an original equipment manufacturer.

Benefits of Incorporating New Generation Motor Starters

Next, let’s delve into how the introduction of advanced motor starters is improving OEM workplaces. We understand that complexities of how an electric field functions can be difficult to comprehend by a person with little or no background in the mechanical domain. 

Therefore, below we have carefully collated a list of advantages that OEM can avail by employing new generation motor starters:

  • Building and configuring: New motor starters come with an online configurator that is designed around digital objects integrated with pre-programmed functionality. With this motor starter, the machine builder simply has to choose the appropriate layout or design that they want to bring in operation.

 Consequently, the configuration tool or equipment automatically curates a bill of the required material. Next, when the machine builder starts programming the solution, all the settings indicated in the selection process and the file developed by the manufacturing tool are imported automatically. Therefore, there is no need to carry out time-consuming tasks like the double or triple entry of requirements and specifications.

  • Commissioning and installation: In every industry, commission work and installation of motor starter is the most tedious task that involves rigorous testing and wiring various manual errors. In contrast, modular motor starters are exclusively designed for easy commissioning and installation as they are small in size, light in weight, and flexible in nature.

 In addition, the installation process of these motor starters’ various modules breaks together to be mounted on a DIN rail designed with an enclosure. Since all the sections are connected with a ribbon cable, there is no need to use an auxiliary cable. 

It is important to remember that the entire equipment intelligence is configured in one of the many modules usually referred to as the bus coupler. This module acts as the brain of the entire unit as the programming process takes place in the bus coupler via the avatars selected by the configuration tool. 

Collaborating With the Right Service Provider

Once you get a grasp of how new generation motor starters function, you’ll recognize that they are significantly simplifying the workloads of machine builders by bringing in a novel open communication capabilities. Therefore, OEMs have the flexibility to work with multiple brands of electrical motor starting instruments and still manage to benefit from output enhancements without investing any time in rectifying interoperability issues. 

Lastly, in order to learn more about how motor starters function, we recommend you get on board with a prestigious service provider in the electrical field. They will guide you through the installation process and help you pick out the best motor starter suitable for your environment. 



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