How Can I Stand My Phone Up?

How Can I Stand My Phone Up

Sometimes you want to relax and watch your movie from the comfort of your seat. Do you like streaming on Netflix or YouTube? Did you watch a 2hours movie while holding your phone? If yes, it must have been tiresome. Did you think of setting your phone up to stand up? Do you ever wonder how you can make your phone stand up?

Worry not because we are going to show you how to make your phone stand. Luckily you will not have to go past your office or your junk bin. We will explain some readily available materials that you can use that will also help you save. This article will help you identify the materials and how you can improvise them to make a DIY phone stand.

How Can I Stand My Phone Up?

In an era where everybody owns a smartphone, many use them to consume different media. People watch on smartphones because they are portable and accessible according to techdeezer. Making them stand is as good as easing yourself the burden of holding it in your arms. Basic homemade materials that we sometimes throw away and overlook will be essential in making different phone stands.

A Paper Clip

In an office setting, a paper clip is something very common. Maybe you have been straining holding your phone while there are numerous clips on your table. Know how you can turn them into beautiful phone stands. In addition to maintaining your papers together, the clips can get molded systematically to make a friendly phone stand.

First, ensure to choose a paper clip covered in plastic or vinyl. Using that will help avoid direct contact on your phone that may cause scratches. Bigger devices will require larger clips and smaller ones the direct opposite.

Make your paper clip straight. With the help of pliers, make two corners at 90 degrees’ angle. Further, on the two bent corners, almost the edge bends another 90 degrees on each side, and there you are done. It will form the feet of the stand and a holding side that will help the phone not to slip off.

Binder Clips

You might be familiar with those black document clips useful in offices if they get clamped together to form a perfect stand. Even though most are black, you can get colored ones if you wish to make a fancier stand. The binder clips allow you to charge your phone through the space that is left for your USB cable.

Get two binder clips, one big and another small do the following. Open the two arms of the clips wide enough. Open the arms of the smaller clip and place the large one in between. With one arm lying on the table’s surface and the other leaning backward, you have a perfect stand. The upright arm makes your phone sit at a vertical angle. Now put your phone horizontally and enjoy.

Plastic Cards

A fantastic feature of a Nintendo Switch console is the small kickstand. The kickstand provides room for propping up the console for two-player action. Such a stand for your phone will be awesome and handy.

We have all accessed those cards in different forms. Example; Old credit cards, expired ATM cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, or even hotel key cards. Run through your wallet or private drawer; I’m pretty sure you will find one.

Place the card against a school ruler. Depending on the hardness of the card, use your hands or pliers to fold it into two halves. Folding will give you two halves. Turn to any side that you have folded.

After identifying the thinness of your phone, fold one side from the bottom to v-shaped. A slight fold will form the holding place of your phone as it rests on one side. It will help your phone not to slip away. Place your phone on the v-shaped upside-down fold, and your phone will stand up.

Toilet Paper Cardboard

The hollow cardboard in the middle of a toilet paper seems the most useless thing in a household. On the contrary, that is a lie. By the end, you will genuinely say nothing is useless. Instead of throwing it away, save one for this;

Flatten it by pressing it against a flat surface. Draw a dotted line halfway through the middle and complete with a joined line horizontally, and mark the center. Draw a diagonal dotted line from the center to any corner of your choice. At the center, make two short dotted perpendicular lines that fit the thickness of your phone apart.

Cut through every dotted line using a pair of scissors. Avoid cutting through the complete line that will hold the resting place of your phone. Be careful while cutting through to ensure there are no bends formed.

Gently open the cardboard and place it on a flat surface. Lean your phone against the long diagonal edge. The phone will rest crosswise in the tube, giving you a perfect holder and view. You can also choose to decorate the tube with wrappings or a permanent marker.

How Can I Stand My Phone Up

Cassette Cases

Most no longer need cassettes because of evolving technology. If you have some lying around, grab one, the cassette case will help you make a stand. The cassettes could be music or DV tapes. Just open the cassette case and place your phone inside.

It will rest on the opened side while the ground lying side will be the base. The only setback is that you won’t be able to place your phone on landscape mode. However, it is the easiest of all.


One of the most satisfying feelings these days is doing it yourself and enjoying the products. To make your phone stand, you don’t have to spend a lot of money at the shop, just DIY. You no longer have to tire your hands watching your favorite shows on the phone.

You got the solution. It would be best if you also took note to rest the improvised stands on a flat surface. The feeling of relaxing while enjoying your movies without holding your phone is nice. Decide and use the household items that you can access easily as discussed above.

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