How to fix a computer that has a virus?

How to fix a computer that has a virus?

Do you worry about a virus attacking your only and only work computer at home or in the office? If yes, what has been done to curb viruses from those computers? Have you installed any virus protection software to enhance the safety of your computer from such issues? Do you have an idea of the possible ways of fixing a computer attached by viruses?

Now, if still, you are on the verge of knowing how to fix your computer virus problems, read our article. We have discussed several strategies experts employ to fix virus problems in their computers. Further, we have provided an idea of how to tell a virus has attacked your computer and possible ways to scan it. Get tuned to this article to grasp this important information.

How to Fix a Computer that has a Virus

Viruses get designed to cause chaos as well as to cause online crimes and theft by hackers. Today, we have spyware and ransomware that are a bigger problem than the past virus versions. However, as these viruses continually pose dangers to our computers and information, experts are also finding strategies to curb them. So, what are the best ways or techniques of fixing computer viruses?

Always maintain your computer updated

Dealing with computer viruses requires regularly updating your machine. Keeping an eye on the patches and security updates of your computer operating system. With technological mileage advancements, the modern operating system versions automatically update themselves. However, this doesn’t mean just sitting without confirming, you should confirm manually that your operating system is the latest version.

After the confirmation, take a step further to update the security software of your computer. Your router and firewall are also important to receive an update to maintain the PC in the right state. Experts also recommend resetting the security settings and always ensure you lock your Wi-Fi network with WPA security.


After updating your computer operating system, firewall, and everything important, consider eradicating the problem. Eradicating problems requires running a full scan of the machine using your security software. At this stage, you will delete all suspicious files that are in the machine after the scan with FixmeStick.

That’s not all for this stage, setting your PC for a scheduled scan is important to curb virus problems. Even after eradicating the viral threat from your computer, you can still have other malware forms popping up. Probably, this malware had created ports on the computer and you must always scan to eradicate them.

Keep monitoring your PC

Now, computer viruses attack anytime and from anywhere. The best way to deal with them is to ensure they are gone forever from your computer. However, since this is not easy, you can use programs such as Zone Alarm to stay as your watchdog. This program monitors incoming and outgoing data to alert you of any given threat that you need to check out.

Usually, you will receive pop-up messages that aren’t threats to your PC. However, such messages take time to learn the user pattern of the PC to take over your data and information. Always monitor your computer to avoid these malicious files and programs taking over your machine. Ensure you check all processes popping up with unusual activities to ascertain their credibility.

Carry Out a Reinstallation

Lastly, you might try out all possible ways to get the demon out of your PC and all goes in vain. Since you won’t let it that way, how do you deal with such scenarios? Before hiring an expert, ensure you have tried all the attempts possible to handle your issue.

Reinstalling your system from scratch is the best way of getting rid of all the bugs that resist eradication processes. Before that, ensure you get a USB hard disk to back up your files. Reinstall everything from scratch, the system as well as your applications.

Scanning your Computer for Regular Viruses

Prevention is a solution to those who need to curb the virus problems in their computers. Scanning a pc requires an antivirus program. The latest Windows versions come with inbuilt antivirus and Windows defender for such scanning tasks. However, the old-versioned options lack these features and therefore calling for a need to look for something else.

Even though the latest versions are excellent at eradicating computer viruses, they aren’t enough to do such projects alone. You require a solution that provides you complete coverage over the deadly threats. Seek for an antivirus that incorporates both the Windows Defender and something like malware protection to attain complete coverage.

Scanning your computer for possible threats is simple and doesn’t take time to complete. Simply open the defender and click on start a new scan option. Your defender version will conduct a scan over your system to ascertain anything it ever missed in the previous scan. What even makes it an excellent scanner is its operation from the background as you engage yourself in other activities.

Signs of a Virus Infected Computer

How to fix a computer that has a virus?

Computer owners should learn the signs that indicate possibilities of viruses in their machines to take over a fast step. Among such signs is the slowing pace of your computer performance. Taking a lot of time to complete processes than usual is a clear indication of possible threats to a computer.

Moreover, a pop-up of apps and programs on your computer is a sign of a possible threat to your computer. Ensure you only deal with a program or app you downloaded or installed. Those that you don’t recognize are possible threats to your computer.

Thirdly, at the time you might note that your apps and programs start crashing over time. Such cases signify a possible threat to your computer. Whenever you see them, ensure to take immediate action to curb the problem before growing further.


Maintaining your computer serves as the best practice to get the best service from it. You need to inspect it regularly for possible threats that might hinder its performance. Before that, learn the signs of possible threats to your computer.

Our article is of great importance to computer owners who mean the best to their machines. We have presented ideas about how strategies to fix computer virus problems. Further readers now have a clue of the signs of an infestation to their computers. Employ this information to get your machines in the best state ever.

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