How can you Nail your Email Campaigns with Efficiency?

How can you Nail your Email Campaigns with Efficiency?

Email campaigns are still as efficient as ever – they are still the number 1 communication channel that works as a marketing medium with a steady return on investment. Email marketing has been the most popular medium for companies to develop their sales, strengthen customer relations, and generate new leads, along with social media.

But it is so successful today because email marketing campaigns have constantly evolved in recent years. Marketing Automation has had a huge role in reinvention. As a result, companies can now forge close links with their targeted audience without imposing themselves.

Email campaigns are now more qualitative. Also, the arrival of the GDPR has made it possible to empower companies in the collection, processing, and protection of their customers’ data.

How to nail your email campaign effectively and efficiently?

An email campaign is carried out through emails, including the dispatch of targeted messages to several recipients. You can utilize the following tips to nail email campaigns effectively and reap the benefits of this medium.

Tip# 1: Build a quality email database

A quality email database contains the correct email addresses of people or companies who consent to receive your marketing emails.

Before you can add a contact to your database, you must first ask for their consent. To do this, use the opt-in (or double opt-in) principle that your contact explicitly accepts to receive your email and newsletters campaigns.

Having quality mailing lists ensures you an optimal open rate. Send your email campaign to recipients who have not previously registered to receive your news or newsletter. Your campaign will not achieve the expected results, as you will be considered a spammer and will arrive directly in their spam emails. Having a quality database is essential to create a successful email campaign for an apparent reason: deliverability. Note that writing to 50 well-targeted and engaged people is more effective than 5,000 uninterested people. Always prioritize quality over quantity.

Tip#2: Segment your targets for an effective campaign

Segmentation is a key step in an email campaign. Indeed, it is necessary to segment well to send the right message to the right people to obtain good results.

So, use wisely all the possibilities offered by your email marketing software in terms of segmentation. The professional email marketing experts can help you effectively segment your targets so that your leads will naturally move through the marketing funnel, step by step, until conversion.

Tip# 3: Collect information to qualify your leads

You can retrieve crucial information about the behaviour of your contacts using marketing triggers (trigger links). These collected data are the keys to an effective email campaign. Designing a landing page with a drag-and-drop editor will allow you to identify the areas of interest of your new prospects and thus qualify them.

Tip# 4: Clearly define the performance goals of your email campaign

Before designing your campaign, take some time to explain your goals. Set quantifiable goals, such as the number of views of your product page on your website, for example, or the number of clicks to your payment page. Don’t know how to define the performance goals of your email campaign?

Tip# 5: Set up automatic email sending to recipients

You may not have gotten a lot of information about your new subscribers, maybe just a name and email address. Start the relationship with them by determining the number of automatic emails your subscribers receive on predefined dates.

These emails should not be too “sales” oriented but rather should offer value to build a relationship of trust. These emails can be short and generic but must be engaging and of good quality.

Designing automated scenarios allows you to make your email campaigns effective by sending the most relevant message to your subscribers.

Tip# 6: Take care of the design of your emails

Now that you have defined the “background,” the content of your email, you need to work on the form. To create an excellent email campaign, you need to create consistency, a perfect harmony between the message and the design of your email.

Depending on your objective – which we spoke about above – and the type of conversion you expect, you will determine the most suitable template or “template”; one that will allow you to convey your message effectively.

Then you can integrate an original, unusual image that is in line with your promise, for example. As we saw in the construction of the email, the image must capture the attention, just like the introductory text, and be in line with your message.


Other than the tips mentioned above, it makes sense to be deliberately out of step with your email text to surprise, astonish, and captivate your audience in different ways. Think carefully and try to find an idea or an original angle to stand out from the emails offered by the competition. Use A/B testing of emails to finalize the best approach.

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