How do you get a free day pass in chapters?

How do you get a free day pass in chapters

Crazy Maple Studio Dev’s Chapters Interactive Stories is an Android game that was released on September 17, 2017. Simulation is a game genre. In this post, we’ve included levelling advice from top players, developer responses to gamers’ queries, official website starting instructions, and our secrets to beating the game. Please keep in mind that the Pockent website is updated on a regular basis, so come back regularly.

How do you get a day pass in chapters?

In chapters, how do you acquire a day pass? You need to use chapters redemption codes to get free passes in the game. In Chapters, there are numerous methods to acquire diamonds:

  1. Unlock your profile’s achievements (“Achievements“).
  2. Collect maple coins and trade them in for diamonds.
  3. Send bubbles to your pals in exchange for bubbles;

What’s the best way to obtain more than four passes on an episode?

In any case, reading more episodes is one method to get additional passes. This works like this: every four hours, you must read 20 episodes for three passes and 40 episodes for four passes. On refills, the maximum number of passes you may get is four every four hours.

In each episode, how many passes can you get?

There are just two legitimate ways to get free passes right now. Waiting for your passes to regenerate back to three or more passes after four hours. Playing a tale that has just had additional episodes added to it. This will provide you an additional pass, allowing you to experience the beginning of the new chapter.

In the Chapters game, how do you obtain tickets?

Play through many chapters of various stories. You can simply adjust the time to auto-generate the tickets while you play many stories at the same time. Before each chapter, you may also check the chapter’s duration. You may have a good time with this Chapters hack if you choose Chapters with a longer duration.

Other than these questions mentioned above, a lot of different gamers also have different issues such as the App not opening. What should you do? First, check your internet connection. When several devices connect to the same Wi-Fi, the Internet connection slows down, which might create issues downloading the programme. Try rebooting your phone or switching to “Airplane” mode for a few seconds.

Make sure you’re registered before deleting; if you are, you’ll be able to quickly retrieve your data when you reinstall the programme. Usually, these measures resolve the issue with the programme not launching; however, if the problem persists after following all of the steps, contact support or questions such as Why hasn’t my VIP ticket membership been activated? Due to an unreliable connection, there is sometimes a delay in subscribing. To recover your ticket, make sure you haven’t switched accounts and have successfully paid your membership, then go to the subscription page and utilise the “Restore Purchase” function in the top right corner.

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