Passive Voice: How to Use It and When to Avoid It

Passive Voice

Passive Voice

Passive voice sentences may not use very commonly, but sometimes it’s necessary to use passive voice. It’s also an English writing methodology. In a common active sentence, we write first subject then verb and at late we write object, but when we switch the place of subject and object it becomes passive voice. Active voice points up the subject (who is doing action), while the passive voice points up the object (action itself). It is used when to emphasize the importance of object (topic).

Passive voice commonly used in academic writing, scientific write-ups. When we use the passive voice, it fades the subject position. And for reader it becomes hard to understand the meaning. You can use passive voice tester and you can tackle your all these kinds of problems, and you can confidently write your content without any error.

Uses of passive voice       

You can use passive voice in such cases in an appropriate way;

  • When the subject (actor) is unknown, for example; my rent has been increased at an exponential rate. (In this example increased is not a specific actor or an entity, it can be a company owner, a landlord, can a company that own many properties and other people. The information about subject is still unclear so here it’s appropriate to use the passive voice).
  • When the Subject is not important, for example; the broken roads of Lahore will be repair in August. (In this example we are not interests who will repair them).
  • In case of general truth, for example; truth is always bitter. (By whoever, whenever).
  • When you want to point-up the importance of object, for example; insulin was discovered in 1921 by the experimenters at the University of Toronto. It is the sole treatment for Diabetes.
  • In scientific write-up; for example; the Sodium was dissolved in Chloride. This solution was then titrated with water. (Generally scientific write-ups are written passive voice because they customarily depend on passive voice. Passive voice is mostly preferred in labs for scientific reports, research papers and for most important notable material and methodology).

When to avoid passive voice?     

Passive voice can get you in dilemma in academic writing because it may unclear the subject’s position in sentence. The active voice sentences are much easier to understand.

  • When it fades the position of Actor, for example; Alex and Adam love cats, he is very soft-hearted. (Who is soft-hearted? Adam? Alex? Both of them?)
  • In academic writing, for example; experimenter has been done to disgrace this thesis. In this who did the experiment? You? Your teacher? Or anyone else? (In academic writing mostly point-ups the differences between the ideas of experimenters, or between your own plans and those of the experimenters which you are discussing. Too much passive voice can confuse you).
  • Students use passive voice to conceal their exploration scamps, for example; in November 1879 the first bulb was invented. (We couldn’t find it who invented it).
  • It’s wordy and sentence structure is complex, for example; the passive sentences for active voice sentences are simply longer. And the sentence structure will complex. As I told you above for making passive voice are totally opponent of active voice. First you write what was affected then what happened to it and finally you will write who was affected (subject).

Passive voice tester

Are you afraid of making passive voice? And also, you make mistakes when you try to make passive voice sentences because these sentences are more complicated than the active voice sentences. But not for all the time but sometimes it’s necessary to use passive voice. For tackle your problem we have the solution for you. You can try passive voice tester. Place your content in given space and it will spotlight your mistakes and you will easily correct them.

Written by Enaa Mari

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