How Do You Use a Fixmestick?

How Do You Use a Fixmestick?

Are you in need to protect your computer against possible attacks from viruses and malware? What are the best strategies to fix computer virus problems? Do you know that FixMeStick bootable USB devices offer excellent virus and malware scanners? But how are they employed to perform their scanning tasks?

Right, if you are on the verge of knowing how to use these devices, we are there for you. Our presentation entails information about how to use FixMeStick USB devices. Further, we shall present how they work and the features that contribute to what they do. Continue reading, grasp information, try it and testify to what they offer.

How do you Use a FixMeStick?

People have complained of viruses and malware attaching their computers often. They have gone online looking for possible strategies to curb such problems. FixMeStick is the latest USB device in the market technicians employ to perform their daily scanning routines. But how do you use the FixMeStick bootable USB device?

Those who have tried the FixMeStick can testify that using it is a breeze and no need for a technician to accomplish the process. As per their name, these USB devices will execute their scanning functions after booting. However, this also depends on your operating system and the system BIOS settings.

Whichever, the recommended way you go by, we just require seeing a completed scan process and that’s all. Now, to use these devices, you start by inserting your device into your computer USB port. You will open the file explorer and at the left end, you will select the FixMeStick option.

Upon selecting the FixMeStick option, different language folders will display. The display entails startup guides that will lead you through the booting process. Usually, they display in different languages from which you select what you understand.

Next, double click the FixMeStick icon on the screen to continue with the process. Just like installing a program, you will be directed to a user account control to offer the system permission to continue. Select the YES option to allow the device to make changes to your machine to get to the next process.

Immediately the program will display on the screen, check the version name at the left upper corner before proceeding. Besides this, the right side contains the program settings, language options selection port, and their support.

At this stage, an internet network is necessary to update FixMeStick firmware and virus signature. However, if this appears not mandatory to you, don’t stress yourself and simply skip. But why do that and you are after getting your machine into an effective state? Experts recommend downloading the latest signatures is possible to maintain higher effectiveness.

Now, you are in the stage where you need to start up the FixMeStick program. Simply click on the reboot option and the program will start immediately. Throughout the process, the program will configure your PC until everything is properly accomplished. Once completed, you will be prompted to restart the computers as a mandatory routing after such processes.

Here, you are ready to start the scanning process. After the above steps, the FixMeStick log will appear on the screen to signify completion of the first part. It takes a few moments to disappear and immediately the scanning process steps will show up.

Like other programs, FixMeStick will request the user to register an account. However, this is something for the first time FixMeStick users. Registering an account enables the company to create links to your actions to the account. Registering an account requires just your name (first and last name) and an email address.

How Do You Use a Fixmestick

Consequently, the FixMeStick program runs under a subscription. After registering an account, you will receive a notification with details of your current subscription. You are required to renew your subscription once it’s depleted to continue enjoying FixMeStick services. Always check for subscription notifications in your email to get enlightened when you require renewing your subscription.

Scanning will take quite some time for a complete process over all files and folders. Don’t disrupt the process as it will try finding all deadly threats in your computer. After this, fix the problems and get your computer back to its effective status.

Fix Me Stick Features

Before getting into the FixMeStick features, it’s important to note that these versions are quite different from others. The old-age Live CDs would require experts to get through the scanning process. However, these are bootable versions and they can scan a computer even after a cold boot. Not only this, several aspects separate FixMeStick from others. They include;

  1. FixMeStick employs three advanced antiviral tools to scan through systems. This assures users of effective scanning routines to computers.
  2. They boast an anti-virus software that can extensively detect viruses past internet security programs in its active state.
  3. No other device can automatically connect to anything before scanning. FixMeStick can automatically connect and detect networks and cables before commencing the scanning process. This enables updated virus engines to get you through the scanning process fast and effectively.
  4. Using FixMeStick doesn’t require the installation of any software to complete the scanning tasks. All you require is 512 MB RAM and it will effectively work with the basic system.
  5. Also, unlike other programs, FixMeStick can scan through viruses and malware while the PC runs.
  6. No device can scan computers right from a cold boot other than FixMeStick.


Protecting computers from viruses and malware is the best way to maintain them running effectively. However, this comes true only if you employ the perfect scanning and antivirus programs to monitor your machine. Try the FixMeStick USB device and testify how they perform to prospective buyers.

Above, our discussion has touched on the FixMeStick device and how to use it. Further, readers now have an idea why they should try the FixMeStick in their next scanning process. Get used to the process and give it a try.

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