How much does PMP certification cost in India?

How much does PMP certification cost in India?

Professionals with PMP certification are always in high demand. This globally recognized credential does not have any domain restrictions so that you can work in any industry. When they add “PMP certified” on their resume, it’s clear that opportunities continue to come in. Evidence supports the claim that certified managers have a 20% advantage over their non-certified counterparts. The PMP credential is the most widely recognized in project management.

It’s neither inexpensive nor simple to earn your PMP certification. Be sure to consider the PMP certification cost before you decide to sit for the exam. Exam fees are a common way for individuals to estimate the cost of certification, and however, they only represent one part of the total cost. Numerous factors will add to the PMP exam cost, and aspirants should plan ahead of time to bear them.

When planning a budget for your PMP certification, you must consider more than just the application and exam fees. Additionally, they may charge fees for preparation materials like textbooks, courses, practice tests, and exam simulators. Know how much it will cost to become a PMP certified before beginning the application process. That’s the primary goal if you plan on sitting for the PMP certification exam soon.

All about PMP certification in India

Project Management Professional (PMP) training is available from a wide range of institutions in India. It’s wise to learn independently, but getting coaching and training can speed up the process considerably.

The PMP credential confirms your project management skills, similar to the CPA credential. Project Management Institute (PMI) charges a set fee for the PMP test. Still, other costs vary by region, such as training fees, substantially more significant in the United States than in India.

This article goes through the various charges associated with becoming a PMP. It is mainly concerned with India, and the information on this page applies to everybody, regardless of where they live or what currency they use.

Now, let’s take a look at different PMP test preparation fees:

There are two sorts of costs associated while taking the PMP exam, and preparation and training charges can vary widely depending on the training platform you choose. The first is a set fee for taking the exam, and the second is a variable fee. Let me go into greater depth about the PMP certification fees in India.

1) Exam fee:

The PMP final exam fee is fixed for all exam takers worldwide. PMI registered members must pay $139 registration costs well in advance before applying for the PMP examination.

  • The fee is $405 for registered PMI members.
  • The fee is $550 for non-registered PMI members.

2) Cost of training and preparation:

Let’s have a look at the training and preparation costs you’ll face to sit for the PMP exam.

  • Training: To sit for the PMP exam, you must have 35 contact hours of specific instruction with clearly communicated learning objectives. For educational purposes, one hour of instruction is equivalent to one hour of contact. The cost of training is a variable cost fee, and depending on the training facility you choose, it may be one of the most expensive components. You have the option of taking a self-paced online course or a class guided by an instructor in person. Live training is significantly more costly than a self-paced online course. You’ll have a better chance of passing the exam on your first try if you receive training from an experienced instructor from a reputable institution. There are several decent online courses available for $200 to $500.
  • Preparation: The PMI’s Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) is a great resource, but many additional resources can answer your questions and help you better understand the concepts. Although purchasing them is not required, you should look at various materials and books to grasp the PMP principles thoroughly if you want self-study support. You can even pay for individual mock tests if you’re going to take them. You may buy mock exams from various websites and take them to see how well prepared you are for the real thing.

3) Practice tests

There are many free practice exams online, but you must purchase a paid exam because many free tests are poor quality. A simulator with lots of practice questions is essential for the first time to pass. A good simulator will offer you confidence as well as test your knowledge. Invest in an excellent simulator to boost your passing exam prospects. A reasonable simulator costs between $60 and $300.


4) PMBOK guide

When studying for the PMP test, it’s essential to have a handy copy of the PMBOK Guide. Even while learning the PMBOK Guide isn’t required, it’s beneficial for understanding PMI terminology. As a PMI member, you’ll have access to a free digital copy of the PMBOK Guide. The Guide is also accessible in hard copy format if you prefer that over the digital version. Paper copies are about $40 and can be ordered online.

5) Other books

There are a plethora of exam prep books on the market to choose from. You can pick any of them to learn about the PMBOK Guide’s ideas in simple English. Book prices range from $40 to $100 depending on quality and popularity. There is a chance that you’ll be one step closer to passing the PMP exam.

6) Re-examination fee

Once your application is approved, you have three chances to pass the exam. If you fail the exam, you can retake it. You must pay a re-examination fee for each attempt. The re-examination fees are $275 for members and $375 for non-members.

7) Certification renewal fee

You must renew the PMP certification every three years. Members and non-members alike must pay $60 and $150 to renew their certificates, respectively.

Wrapping words

Thus, the PMP certification fee differs by the institute, and it is around a minimum of 50,000 rupees for the exam and preparation. In India, approved PMP training institutes charge between 15,000 and 25,000 rupees.

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