How often should you replace your sponges?

With the kind of busy schedules we have, we generally tend to forget about our daily hygiene care. We keep ourselves clean and hygienic through various products, but what about taking care of them? These products are the ones that are used in our daily lives, like our brush, sponge, towels, but do we know precisely when to replace them?

If not replaced by time, it would get damaged become a home to many bacteria and germs.

Is it necessary to change the bathroom utilities?

As we have a wet environment in the bathrooms, it becomes mandatory to keep the essentials clean and fresh. At times these bathroom utilities are used twice or thrice a day; hence on these occasions, after using the sponges, just keeping them aside could be harmful. Instead, you could rinse it with clean water and hang it in a place where there is ventilation.

Best Sponge care:

  • The sponges are often hanged near the shower after bath and stay there until the subsequent use. This sponge loofah does not get a chance to dry up completely. A study by a dermatologist states that the sponges that we use have pores inside them. When we use them to scrub off our dead skin cells, these cells start settling down into the sponge’s pores, which later may turn into fungus and can be infectious to our skin.
  • Sponges or not to be used on body parts like face and genital areas as these are the sensitive parts, and scrubbing on them could damage the skin and make it more prone to bacteria and germs.
  • Drying out the sponge can help you maintain its hygiene. After each use, you can rinse it thoroughly, squash it so that all the contaminated water gets washed off, and then place it in a dry or open area for at least an hour.
  • It is also recommended not to use sponges when you have any cuts on the body as it is easier for the bacteria to enter your body through your sponge. Sponges are to be used twice or thrice a week and not daily. Though these are to be replaced every two to three months no matter which sponges you are using. You can buy bleach cleaning solutions to clean your sponges. However, some sponges with soap need extra care or could turn into being a host of bacteria.
  • It would be best if you cleaned your sponges once a week.
  • The easiest way to clean it is to put it in your dishwasher, or the more hygienic way is to soak it for 5 – 10 minutes in a bleach solution that consists of an antibacterial liquid and then rinse it properly.

When to replace Sponges:

  • Though the ideal duration to replace your sponge could be two months, depending on the frequent usage you have, you could change in three to four months too.
  • If your sponge starts to tear, you are supposed to replace it as the torn part sometimes might gather lather into it and some dead cells of the human body where the germs could prey on. If these sponges with living organisms are used and touch your body, it could get you into trouble as they can cause rashes, infections, and skin diseases.
  • It is suggested to prefer a body sponge from Spongelle as it provides one of the best materials for the sponge. The product not only forms lather but exfoliates well and nourishes the skin.

Summing up

We live in a world where catching diseases is very easy, and to prevent ourselves from being prone to such kinds of illness, we need to make sure to take care of our self-hygiene.

Besides staying away from diseases, you also need to ensure that your skin is exfoliated.

One of the essential elements of maintaining self-hygiene is to make sure all your bath toiletries are clean, fresh, and replaced after a specific duration of time.

Written by Crystal Rae

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