How to blow dry long bangs

How to blow dry long bangs

Bangs create a beauty element in any haircut. They add more styling and a stunning look in flat or straight hair. But maybe you are wondering how to style your bangs without a curler or flat iron. But you can style your bangs with your routine hair dryer and a round brush or comb. From blunt to side to fringe, you can style any kind of bangs at home using a blow dryer.


Prepare your hair in these steps to achieve expected results.

Wash and condition

Before going for a blow-dry you must prepare your hair to achieve satisfying results. Wash hair with your regular shampoo that meets your hair type. After shampoo apply conditioner from roots to tips and leave for a few minutes. Rinse your hair with lukewarm water and wrap them in a towel. Don’t rub the hair with a towel instead make a turban and wrap them in it. Dry your hair up to 75% with this method.

Protect from heat

After towel dry apply some heat protection material on your hair. If you are going to dry bangs only then there is no need to use a conditioner. But if you are going to dry your whole head then heat protection material is strongly suggested.

Detangle your hair

Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair and avoid damage. A wide-tooth comb helps to detangle hair fast without making any harm to them. Do not pull the knots as this leads to breakage. If your hair is looking frizzy then apply some conditioning gel or foam and detangle. After that use clips to section your hair. Make the bangs separate from other hair and tie the left hair.

Method# 01

If you want to dry your bangs flat then you follow this method to achieve the desired results.

  • Hold the hairdryer with the concentrated nozzle directed towards your hair.
  • Use the flat paddled brush to dry your hair. Brush the bangs to one side of your forehead and point the nozzle in the direction of brushing.
  • Brush the bangs back and forth while drying them.
  • Brush the bangs on the other side of the forehead when one side is dried. Point the nozzle in the direction of the movement of the brush.

Important to be noted

  • Make sure to dry the bangs first and avoid messing with all the hair. Because the bangs are shorter in length than the other hair. This will create a mess around. To avoid this clip the rest of the hair and dry only bangs first.
  • Set your hairdryer at medium heat not at the hot setting to avoid hair damage.
  • Make sure the nozzle is directed towards the brush movement. This will make the process fast and easy.

Method# 02

If you want to dry your bangs for volume then follow this method to achieve the desired results.

  • Use a round brush to grip your bangs and wrap the hair tightly around brush. Turn the dryer on and keep the heat setting on medium.
  • Point the dryer nozzle towards the bangs near the roots. Because the roots take more time to dry then the strands.
  • Move the dryer nozzle up and down vertically to dryer your bangs to dry them fast. Then brush the hair continuously by putting the brush underneath of your bans. Then brush the bangs up and down. Roll the brush to grip the bangs tightly in the brush. This will add volume to roots and give a curled shape at the tips. Your bangs will look more voluminous from roots and curly at the tips.

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Important to be noted

There are a few things to be noted before and during the drying process of bangs.

  • Never put the dryer on high heat. That could damage your hair as the bangs are shorter in length than the rest of the hair.
  • Don’t place the dryer nozzle near the forehead. That could burn your scalp or forehead skin. Always place the dryer a little bit far from the scalp and point the air towards the brush movement.
  • If you have thicker bangs then use clips to make the partitions and dry the partitions one by one.

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