How to Build Backlinks To Boost SEO For Shopify Store

How to Build Backlinks To Boost SEO For Shopify Store

If you own a Shopify website store and want to promote using SEO strategies, you must know that a strong SEO is all you need. Besides good and well-organized content, the next step is to implementing SEO strategies. You must know some basic strategy for SEO even if you are taking this service from different SEO experts.

Search engine optimization is a way to earn a lot without using paid ads that most organizations do. Moreover, you need to understand the value of backlinks, and you also need to know how lousy SEO can affect your store a lot. Increase of increasing you would be depriving towards the Los. So, make sure that you are implementing powerful strategies.

Building backlinks become more critical when it comes to knowing about the Shopify store because it’s the most challenging task to complete this process. In all other platforms, it’s not as complicated as for the Shopify store as an eCommerce or any business dependent on this store. Here we provided some robust strategies to build backlinks for this type of store. Firstly you need to have complete knowledge of backlinks.

What are Backlinks?

A backlink is a hyperlink from an external website that delivers some value to your store.  It may be any relevant or sometimes irrelevant link to your store. There are further two types of backlinks, including DoFollow and NoFollow, as described below:

DoFollow Backlinks

Those backlinks are essential and add high authority to your store to increase ranking and its position in search engines. This link must be from a high authority website, including High DA, High Traffic, High Organic keywords, and High Traffic value. Several platforms can help you to find such websites and to qualify if a website is good to receive backlinks or not.

NoFollow Backlinks

Those backlinks that are ignored by the search engines and don’t add much value to your Shopify store are called NoFollow backlinks. It does not mean that these backlinks are unimportant, but these are important as well.

Build Backlinks to Boost SEO for Shopify Store

Now here are some tips and ways by which you can build strong backlinks for your Shopify store. The first thing that we want to mention is Cloudian SEO Link Builder App, an exciting app made by Cloudian International (Hong Kong) Limited.

Cloudian SEO Link Builder

Cloudian SEO Link Builder an exciting app to build backlinks to your website in an easy way, as building backlinks could be time-consuming. But using this app is helpful to save your time, money, and energy as well. Let’s know how to install and use this app. Moreover, also read about how this app work.

How To Install And Use This App?

Here are some steps to use this app. Follow these steps carefully and don’t skip any of the actions or tips:

  • Install the app by using the link we mentioned above
  • Now choose a subscription plan according to your budget and Shopify store type
  • The next step is to enlist this app on the external websites you want to use for link purpose
  • Update all information in the Shopify store instead of updating information at the other catalog
  • The backlinks you will receive come from the high authority websites with greater efficiency and a well-organized flow rate

How to Check Results?

Here are some steps using which you can know how to check if you are getting good results:

  • You can check in Google Search Results of the account by clicking on Top Links
  • You can also check by using Ahrefs on the specific option named Referring Domains and see the websites which provide links to your store

More Ways to Build backlinks to Boost Shopify Website SEO

Here are some more ways to build backlinks to boost the SEO of your Shopify store:

  • Use relevant links, including comments and forum backlinks. Both of these links provide a high quality of link juice to your store. As a result of which your store will rank in days
  • Using Guest Posts and Niche Edits links is another way to enhance SEO and boost your store. Both of these are good enough to rank your store even on the specific page you want to type in a few days.
  • Using image backlinks and infographics backlinks is another important and unique way to get traffic and boosting the SEO of any website.

Final Verdicts

Above is complete information on how you can build backlinks on your Shopify store to boost SEO and gain high-quality results. In this way, you can’t only rank your website but getting more revenue is another benefit. Ensure that the website you are using for a backlink has high authority and clean backlink history. For more information, read our latest blogs.

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