How to Celebrate Holi in Corona?

How to Celebrate Holi in Corona?
How to Celebrate Holi in Corona?

In this phase of COVID-19, the government has cautioned against mass gatherings on occasion of Holi. Due to Corona, people are also skipping Holi celebrations amid the crowd and social gatherings. If you are one of them who want to join Holi celebrations but are afraid of Corona, then please focus on the given points and take care of you and your family.

Be at home, eat your favourite dishes and spend quality time with your family –

Holi is all about spreading joy for all. It’s not right to take control on society and do anything with women, men and animals. Especially in COVID-19 phase, it is suggested not to go out because it isn’t safe.  You can enjoy at home by watching movies but it is recommended that do not watch movies from pirated sites such as Ocean Of Movies. Greet the people and celebrate the festival in the simplest way. The best way to enjoy Holi is to be at home and spend time with your family and not step out under any circumstances.

No need to boycott Holi celebrations in the company of trustworthy friends and family –

In the wake of coronavirus, why should we boycott the festival of Holi entirely? If anyone has symptoms of flu then he/she should avoid Holi gatherings. Being drenched or exposure to dry colours can exacerbate symptoms and later, impact adversely on health.

It is a wise step to consider limiting your Holi Milan guest and include only those people whom you know and trust. Be in the company of trustworthy friends and family who maintain personal hygiene and do not have flu-like symptoms. Keep watches that if you are struggling with respiratory disorders then wear masks to protect yourself from inhaling dry colour particles. Washing your hands at regular intervals, not eating from the same plates would be advisable.

Pick up a book or just binge-watch good movies –

The safest way to celebrate Holi is to stay indoors and be conscious enough to not visit crowded places, use a sanitizer and maintain a safe distance from anyone having flu-like symptoms. Just sit back, pick up a book and binge-watch movies or play game and relax. In this COVID-19 phase, please skip doing any of these: playing with water, dirty your hands, spoiling your clothes or putting up with awkward people on the streets.

Go ‘Swadeshi,’ using mud & water and avoid China-made colours –

Holi colors are made in China, from where this virus originated, so the best way to play Holi is by going to Swadeshi. Enjoy this festival with mud as it may just help keep the virus at bay. If you are really fond of playing Holi then go for herbal colours only and avoid synthetic ones as they harm your skin and hair from within as said by

General precautions for Holi –

  1. Playing with cold water will increase the chances of getting infected with seasonal flu, so avoid playing with water this Holi.
  2. Wash your hands frequently so that Holi colors cannot get easily transmitted to food items.
  3. Keep a first-aid kit ready for emergencies.
  4. During any weakness or signs of cold, avoid playing Holi this year.


With one year to the deadly novel coronavirus pandemic; wearing a mask, using sanitizer and social distancing is still a norm. Follow all rules to avoid any negative situation and let’s vibrant hues fill the sky all across.





Written by Addison Taylor

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