How to Check Car Engine Health

How to Check Car Engine Health

Are you a driver or car owner concerned about the health status of the car’s engine? Do you want to avoid a lot of expenses repairing issues of your car engine? Are you trying to check out the health status of your car’s engine right now? How do you go about checking the health status of your car’s engine?

If you still struggle with checking the health of your car’s engine, worry less. Herein, we shall provide steps explaining about checking the health state of a car’s engine. Further, readers shall have a hint of warning signs of an engine. Let’s keep reading the article to get it clear going about the health of your car’s engine.

How to Check Car Engine Health

Ascertaining your car engine’s health is mandatory if you really mean to get continuous excellent service from it. However, since the engine comprises several components, determining its condition is quite tricky. But should you just assume that everything is running well?

Just imagine your car’s engine might seem perfect as well as running well most times. However, this shouldn’t mean that no issue is developing or has already developed in it. At times, engines might develop issues without showing any signs at all. Still, should you just wait for it to stop to start trying to find out the real problem and how to fix it?

Now, as a clever car owner or driver, you need to inspect the source of  problems to avoid future mishaps. If you lack an idea about the steps to check the health of your car’s engine, just consult an expert. It’s better to fix problems early before they can develop into serious cases. The term “serious cases” refers to engine problems that typically result in catastrophic engine failure in which, in most cases, the owner has to purchase a new engine. Therefore, it is extremely important to follow the steps we have outlined in this article. Below are steps experts follow when inspecting the health status of their car’s engines.

Step One

Your inspection process should start with a check of your car’s fluids. Usually, the fluids make one of the perfect determinants of your engine’s condition. We all know that car oil is translucent and brown. Any changes in its appearance mean there is a problem with some engine components.

Consequently, you know the smell of oil and anything other than that should get you alerted. In addition, another problem showing signs is when the oil turns milky, discolored, or even clumpy. Your car’s coolant should contain antifreeze as well as be full. The color of the contents in the coolant is green and nothing else.

Step Two

Next, you will check on the possible leaks in your car’s engine. Leaks are dangerous and they signify there is a mess in certain components of your car’s engine. Moreover, at times there is an area within the engine that accumulates a lot of the engine fluid.[ Source ] Check at this part and ascertain the real problem before it develops big.

In this stage, you require leaving the vehicle maybe over a night to determine possible leaks. Whenever there is a possible oil leakage on the concrete slab, then there must be a problem with your car’s engine. In such issues, you should call an expert mechanic to examine the problem and provide an immediate solution.

Step Three

Thirdly, you will start your car and note whether it’s starting normally. Your car should start easily and normally, without stalling or any other unusual thing. Once you start the car, you should listen to the engine to note the sound it produces.

A healthy engine should not produce any unusual sound and other bad fumes. The car’s exhaust should provide a hint of the status of your engine through the amount of emissions it produces. Moreover, note the appearance of the emissions, they should be relatively clear and not black or white as such. Also, you can determine the engine is in a healthy state if the car holds steady idle once started.

How to Check Car Engine Health

Step Four

Now, the next thing you should do is try to drive the car and note how it maintains speed. Moreover, you should note how the car accelerates as well as stops. While driving the car, you will listen to any possible knocks or squeaks throughout the driving period. Consequently, you should try to find out whether your car is struggling to move in any way.

While driving, you will also inspect the gauges and ascertain any possible changes in them. Your drive should last for even half an hour at different speeds to enable you to have sufficient evaluation. After the drive, write down the abnormalities you noted and have an expert fix problems.

Step Five

Once you have gone through the above steps, finish by taking the car for a compression check by an expert mechanic. Here, the mechanic will check whether the engine has its correct set pressure. Any slight loss of compression is a sign of an ill engine.

Loss of compression can mean a lot of problems with various engine components. This might signify problems with the cylinders, rings, or even the valves. Also, if you find the dashboard error light on, still there must be a problem with the engine. Hire a mechanic to scan the error to ascertain the problem early before they develop into serious cases.


It’s important to check the health status of your car’s engine as well as other auto parts if you really need to enjoy excellent driving experiences. A slight problem in any component can make the car’s operation ineffective. Likewise, if you don’t solve a problem early, you’re likely to spend a lot when the problem develops. That’s why regular checkups are important to solve problems before they get into critical stages.

My article has instilled readers with knowledge about checking the health status of car engines. Check up the fluid’s appearance, how it accelerates, possible leaks, sounds, and everything that could give rise to engine problems. Once you note any possible change to your car, call an expert to inspect it early for possible problems. Otherwise, ignoring regular inspection can cost you a lot to fix already grown problems.

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