How to remove embroidery with backing

How to remove embroidery with backing

Embroidery patterns look beautiful on any fabric! From shirts to a hat and from jackets to jeans, embroidery always makes us look unique and beautiful. Embroidery has gotten more convenient with the help of the best embroidery machines available on the market.

With excellent designs, there are chances of the wrong stitch, which calls for removing embroidery design. Also, you may need to remove embroidery designs from clothes to give them a makeover.

Whatever the reason is, when it is about removing embroidery from fabric, it isn’t easy, and it is also a time-consuming task. Many people find it annoying, and sometimes you might damage the fabric in the process.

Removing stitches is more difficult when you are about to remove embroidery with backing. In this article, I’ll guide you with how to remove embroidery with backing. After following the proper tips and tricks, the task will never feel difficult to you anymore. So let’s get started:

Tip to get started:

Proper tools are necessary to get started with the task. Whether you are removing stitches of best embroidery machines or hand embroidery, and whether the backing is basic or mesh, the removal method is identical for all.

However, before getting started, you should be aware of a flat surface to work on. A flat surface ensures that your fabric stays in one place, and there are no chances of damaging the garment in the process. Also, it ensures that you are not damaging other threads and stitching.


  1. Seam ripper:

A seam ripper is one of the traditional ways to remove embroidery stitches. Seam rippers are handy tools that are available in everyone’s sewing kit. It is also a great DIY tool for embroidery and stitch removal.

A seam ripper is shaped like a claw, and it has sharp pointy ends. The seam ripper is easy to handle, and you can unpick the stitches and seams with convenience. Here is how you can do it:

Flip the garment inside out and look out for the embroidery backing. Then start unstitching the desired pattern. It would be best if you started from the corners and then move toward the center. It is a gentle way to remove threads and lose the stitches one by one.

You may also need a pair of small scissors to cut some stubborn parts. If you do not have scissors in hand, then use tweezers for the task.

The method is safe, but it is time-consuming; also, it is a good choice for hand embroidery and not for stitches of best embroidery machines. Also, if the pattern is small, then you can give the seam ripper a try.

  1. Stitch eraser:

A stitch eraser is a modern tool to remove embroidery stitches. It rings the bell to those looking for a fast and efficient way to remove embroidery stitches. A stitch eraser is an excellent option for all types of embroidery stitches.

These handy tools look like electric shavers and trimmers. The stitch eraser runs on powered electric batteries. There are small teeth like end that cut the embroidery stitches from the fabric.

It is a fast way to remove stitches, but you can damage the fabric in the process if not done cleverly. So when you are getting started, work on the flat surface and take the proper time to remove the stitches.

To get started, flip the garment upside down and start from corners. When you start from corners, it will make the process fast and error-free.

You may need a seam ripper or tweezers to lose threads – using a stitch eraser will smoothly wipe away all the stitches. The method is excellent for those who are removing large embroidery patterns and embroidery with mesh backing. You can easily remove intricate embroidery patterns of the best embroidery machines.

  1. Other tools:

Other tools which you may need are; small scissors, tweezers, and magnifying glass. A magnifying glass will help you detect tiny stitches of intricate designs.


Removing embroidery stitches with backing is accessible only when doing it the right way and using the right tool for your fabric.

Written by Crystal Rae

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