How To Choose Between Android And iOS in 2021

This an endless debate, that most likely won’t come to any reasonable conclusion anytime soon. But the choice is still there, and up to you to make: Which operating system will you prefer, the next time you have to spend some cash on a new gadget. And hey, it’s a tough thing to do, so it’s wise for you to refer to this post.

How To Choose Between Android And iOS in 2021

Android users always bash Apple fans, and the opposite is true. We’ll try to cancel out all the noise and subjective opinions, and present you with facts that will ease your decision-making progress. Adding to this the constant nature of upgrading of these two, we might just have to upgrade this very post every couple of years. However, both systems have their distinctive perks, which are unlikely to change unless something major happens in tech. This is not that bad of a bet, considering how quickly the market sweeps the companies behind in innovation.


Apple Is Exclusive, Android Is Inclusive

The big guns first. If you like iOS, your only choice is to go with California’s favorite fruit company. Apple doesn’t share its system, and will never do so. Why? Well, that’s their way of doing business. That’s the one thing they can boast about, and no one has any power to change that.

Part of the allure, of course, is the belonging to a certain tribe of people, who are the only ones who have access to this wonderful, elegant, and “special” platform. Humans are weird, and that’s not going anywhere. If you want to fit in within the Apple ecosystem, you have to become one with it. I know that may sound like some cult-following, and maybe it is. After all, tribalism is just what we do. What tribe do you want to be in?

On the other hand, Android is all about being the same. Yeah, there is some difference between a Samsung version of OS and a Google Phone, but they are mostly similar. With Android, you have a wide array of companies to pick from, and that absolutely increases your options to choose from. But do we actually want to make that choice? Perhaps the ease of choice of Apple is part of its trickery. Just choose a small or big phone, that’s it. No camera this camera that.


Choose A Phone, the OS will follow

There are many differences that we couldn’t cover in a dozen articles between the two systems. But actually, many times it comes down to what do you want out of your phone. If the latest Samsung model has all the features you are looking for, you can forgo the system choice, and just roll with what’s offered to you. However, if you are looking to take advantage of that precious LidAr scanner Apple announced, go with the iPhone. No other gadget can give you that as of 2021.

Many times, major companies such as Apple or Samsung make exclusive deals with the manufacturers, so that’s why you can’t find the same features between them. Lidar is just one example of that, as the Cupertino-based corporation has a special deal with Sony, the company that patented the technology.

If you are settled with either of those, go with it. Picking an Android phone is a significantly more complicated process, so I suggest you take your time. A friend of mine from Qatar has recently written an honest review on the latest Samsung flagman. If it’s one of the options you are considering, give his article on a look. With just a few clicks in your browser of choice, it’s a three-second translation and absolutely worth the read.

Functionality versus Ease Of Use

There is no arguing that iOS has the upper hand in convenience and accessibility. It’s so intuitive, flowing, and in general, doesn’t require too much thinking. Here are your apps, your settings, go do your thing. Don’t bother with the details or any of the technical stuff. The phone is going to serve you, help you accomplish your task with maximum efficiency, and there’s that.

Android is the opposite, as it is in almost everything. It’s the most technical thing out there, although you don’t have to take part in it if you don’t want to. If you want to make your device as specific to your technical demands, this is the OS for you. There aren’t just settings in Android, you can turn on developer mode and arrange everything just as your geeky soul desires. If that’s a part of your personality.

That’s actually one of the reasons why they are considered a less secure platform than iOS. An unaware person can do some major tweaking to the way Android works, and thus sabotage the cybersecurity of a phone. With Apple, that’s not realistic. It won’t let you actually do anything to your phone. Good and bad sides to that. More on the case-by-case difference can be found in this post.

Written by Crystal Rae

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