How to Choose the Right 12-Month FNP Program Online for Your Career Goals

Whether you have an RN bachelor’s degree or want to complete your NP degree faster, choosing the right online program is essential. Consider the class format, cost per credit, and transfer policies.

Choosing a FNP program with clinical rotations is crucial to gaining hands-on experience in natural healthcare settings. During these rotations, students are paired with preceptors to guide them through training.

RN to FNP Programs

This RN to FNP program online offers a fast-track option for BSN nurses who want to graduate with an MSN and begin work as an advanced practice nurse sooner. The 19-month curriculum includes 44 credits of coursework, including MSN core and FNP-specific courses that cover theoretical concepts for nursing research strategies, population health, pathophysiology, and more. Students also cultivate a holistic view of family health or care for the whole person.

As with any accelerated program, this requires excellent technology skills, as assignments, projects, and classroom learning take place entirely online. You’ll also likely need to visit campus several times throughout the program for brief in-person sessions. The short completion time may be challenging for some with busy schedules, but this type of specialized learning is an option worth considering for nurses looking to advance their careers quickly.

RN to MSN Programs

Many nurses enjoy helping patients and seeing positive outcomes from their work. However, they may find that they crave more control over patient outcomes and a greater sense of purpose. Moreover, a 12 month FNP program online can offer an accelerated path for nursing professionals looking to advance their careers and specialize in family nurse practice. Becoming an FNP can provide that autonomy and a more direct impact on patients.

FNP programs are designed for current registered nurses (RNs) seeking to earn a master’s degree in nursing. The coursework typically includes nursing theory & philosophy studies, evidence-based practice, and clinical application of advanced medical concepts. Students can choose from several concentrations, including academies in leadership & administration or nursing informatics.

An accredited RN to MSN program can boost professional credibility and provide the credentials needed for eligibility for specific advanced nursing certifications and state licenses. Additionally, accreditation often translates to more options for accessing federal financial aid. Students who pursue an accredited RN to MSN program are also more likely to gain admission into a doctoral program, such as a DNP, in the future.

BSN to MSN Programs

If you are a registered nurse looking to advance your nursing career, experience, and certifications will only take you so far. You will need an MSN degree to reach advanced practice roles like Nurse Practitioner. An online MSN program such as William Paterson University offers eight NP tracks and will get you certified in as little as 12 months. As with most RN-to-MSN programs, the primary educational qualifications to apply for this program include a BSN and an unencumbered RN license.

During this fast-track MSN program, you will earn 48 credits over the fall, spring, and summer semesters. The coursework covers theoretical foundations for nursing, clinical care, healthcare economics & politics, and evidence-based practice. You may also choose from two concentration tracks, allowing you to focus your studies on healthcare administration or education. Both tracks require you to complete two practicums, enabling you to gain practical experience in your chosen specialty. 

MSN to FNP Programs

If you want to positively impact the healthcare system by providing patient-centered care, then earning your MSN could be the right path for you. You must take advanced nursing courses, such as healthcare research and evidence-based practice, advanced health assessment, pharmacology, and managing adult patients.

A 12-month MSN to FNP program online can provide you with the foundational knowledge you need for this career. But, it’s important to remember that these programs are accelerated for full-time students, so you must be prepared to commit to studying full-time.

One example of a highly acclaimed MSN to FNP program is the one offered by Simmons University. This program gives students the chance to gain valuable clinical experience as they complete rotations in several different healthcare settings, including family practices, pediatric clinics, and women’s health centers. In addition, students are paired with experienced FNPs and healthcare providers who serve as preceptors throughout their clinical rotations.

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