How to earn gems in Clash of Clans – The Easy Way

In this guide, let’s explore all the multiple ways to earn gems in Clash of Clans.

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Gems are used to quickly advance the completion of buildings and troops. This will rush the process instead of waiting.

To understand it easily, gems will help you progress through the game much faster and make your life easier.

Follow our guide to explore more ways to earn gems in the game. These are free methods. However, they will require a lot of time and effort.

Completing Achievements

Completing the tasks within the game will provide you with experience and gems. Each achievement will give you a different number of gems. The amount of gems you gain from the achievement depends on the difficulty of that task. Also, make sure to complete the tutorial to get an even better idea of earning gems through achievements.

Here are a few achievements that provide the highest number of gems. War Hero, League All-Star, Fire Fighter, and Anti-Artillery.

Clearing Obstacles

Obstacles are random objects like trees, rocks, and other things that appear in your village. Clearing them will grant you experience and gems. Every village starts with 40 obstacles. Use your villagers to clear the obstacles and gain experience and gems. The achievement “Nice and Tidy” will reward you for clearing the obstacles in your village.

Another tip to earn gems via obstacles is to build your village in a very small area. Since the obstacles spawn within your village, they will now appear very close to each other, allowing the player to quickly finish clearing them.

Join a Clan

Joining a clan and playing alongside other players is an easy and fun way to earn a lot of gems. The best achievements that grant a lot of gems, as we have mentioned above, are usually the ones that require you to battle. Joining a team and attacking other players is the best way to earn gems.

Gem Mine

Gem Mines are a part of the builder base. Like all the resource buildings, gem mines will produce gems by themselves. Although the process of producing gems is very slow, upgrading the mine will slightly improve the production speed. This is a good way to passively earn gems during the game.

Did you know that every new player starts with 500 gems? Though you might be forced to spend a few of them during the tutorial, if you’re aware and know when and where to use them wisely, you will always have enough gems in your inventory.

If you’re curious to learn more about Clash of Clans, explore more and learn more about the game from our guides. Good luck on the journey to become the next best Clash of Clans player.

Written by Francis Underwood

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