How to do Spearfishing with your Spearfishing Wetsuit

Such an exciting activity as spearfishing is fraught with many difficulties. First of all, you need to choose the right spearfishing wetsuit and equipment. Your spearfishing wetsuit should be durable under water to ensure your safety.

What is spearfishing?

Fishing with sharpened sticks was one of the oldest ways of obtaining food that allowed our ancestors to survive in the distant past. Spearfishing is performed with a spearfishing wetsuit or surfing wetsuit. The invention of the crossbow allowed for fishing at greater depths. In the first half of the 20th century, they were improved, and with them, more and more efficient diving equipment was created. This allowed for the development of various underwater sports. There are crossbows powered by compressed gas or flexible lines, and many other types of hunting equipment. Spearfishing can be done in a spearfishing wetsuit – and it’s a lot of fun!

Necessary equipment for Spearfishing

  • A high-quality Spearfishing Wetsuit
  • Spears or harpoons
  • Mask, fins, special surfing wetsuit or spearfishing wetsuit
  • A snorkel for breathing at shallow depths
  • Oxygen cylinders, although you can do without them
  • Underwater lamp for light
  • A weight belt that will allow you to stay at depth for a long time

Instructions for spearfishing 

Step 1

Before you start underwater fishing, you need to put your spearfishing wetsuit on and all the necessary equipment to go under the water. If its depth is shallow, you need to hold your breath and plunge into it, grabbing some objects or plants at the bottom of the tank. If its depth is significant, then it can be done both from the shore and boat. It is better to snorkel with your back in the boat if you have oxygen cylinders linked to the back of your spearfishing wetsuit.

Step 2

But even if they are not there, you need to bend so that your knees are at chest level, then bend down and plunge into the water. There you need to roll over and straighten your body, after which the dive will begin. To speed it up, you need to start working with your feet. When approaching the bottom, stop using your feet.

Step 3

You need to hover at a depth and then begin to carefully and smoothly move along the bottom. You should be looking to the sides and up, all movements should be slow, and smooth. First of all, this is done so as not to scare the fish away, and also to use as little energy as possible while moving.

Step 4

You should not resort to using your hands in your spearfishing wetsuit, it is only necessary when you are dragged to the bottom or pushed to the surface. If this happens, the weight of the weight belt has been selected incorrectly. If you get pushed out, you can use various items and algae that are on the bottom. To get out of the hunt, straighten your body and take an upright position, then start working intensively with your legs.

Step 5

Spearfishing with a spearfishing wetsuit is quite simple. The fish “thinks” that if it can’t see you in your spearfishing wetsuit then you can’t see the fish either. If you approach an animal, not in the same plane with it, but, for example, higher or lower, it will not feel you. Therefore, you can get closer to the hunting object.

Step 6

Some underwater animals are predators so they can attack you by themselves. You always have to be careful when choosing a target. Large fish usually don’t swim deep, but large fish can also be found on the surface. Therefore, the inspection of the fishery should be carried out not only on the bottom but also on the surface with spearfishing wetsuits and surfing wetsuits. Many individuals hide in bushes or under stones, and this should also be taken into account while performing spearfishing in your surfing wetsuit. You have to move carefully, trying not to make noise while you are underwater in your spearfishing wetsuit. Because animals can hear various sounds even better in the water as compared to the surface!

Step 7

Spearfishing is best done in calm weather and with the right spearfishing wetsuit or surfing wetsuit. It is recommended to do spearfishing when the sun is shining. In the morning the fish usually goes deep, and in the evening it rises to the shallower part under the water. If the current is strong, it is better not to risk it and move to where it is weaker, it will be much more convenient and comfortable there.

Step 8

The hunting process itself is quite simple: if you saw the target, you attacked it. The easiest way to do this is with a harpoon or a rifle that hits the target from a long distance. But you can hunt with an ordinary knife. Then you need to get as close to the target as possible.

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