How To Find A Perfect Coworking Space In Gurgaon For Small Teams?

How To Find A Perfect Coworking Space In Gurgaon For Small Teams?

As everyone who has worked from home has learned by now, whether you have a small team of 5 people or a large team of 50, the need for dedicated office space is non-negotiable.

So, the question now is, should you invest in an independent office or would a co-working space make more sense?

Well, when you’re leading a small team, the scales often tip in favor of the latter. Needless to say, coworking in Gurgaon is most cost-effective, convenient and suits a growing team. So, how do you find the right coworking office space in Gurgaon? Here are a few tips.

Choose A Well-Connected Spot

The whole idea of having a coworking space in Gurgaon is that everyone can reach it easily without commuting over very long distances. The first aspect to check when you look at potential offices is connectivity. Sectors 39, 48, 74A, Cyber City and the Golf Course Road are ideal.

Ideally, look for coworking spaces that are close to the Metro stations. There should also be good last-mile connectivity in the form of rickshaws or cabs to bring your employees from the metro station to the office.

Also ensure that there are good roads to the office. This is important both for your employees who drive their own vehicles as well as clients who may come to the office for a meeting.

When we’re talking of connectivity, the second point to keep in mind is how close the space is to your employee’s homes. Even though offices are gradually reopening, people are still wary of commuting.

Choose a space that is central to all your employee’s homes.  Since you have a small team, this is still something you can do. It will go a long way in making your employees feel cared for and make them loyal to the company.

Make Sure The Locality Is Safe

Secondly, ensure that the office and the locality are safe spaces to work in. The office building should ideally be shared by other reputable brands and offices. You could ask whether the co-working floor maintains a sign-in roster for everyone who works there and whether a security guard oversees the space.

When it comes to the area outside the office space in Gurgaon, it should be well-lit and populated. Office son main roads are usually better than those opening out to narrow alleyways. Think of your employees, especially those who would leave late from the office and make sure the space is one they would feel comfortable in.

Prioritize A Private Space Over Only Desk Space

When your team size is limited is the ideal opportunity to lay the foundation for your company culture. Look for a co working office in Gurgaon for small teams that offers private units within the coworking floor. Renting a private space rather than only desk space has many benefits.

It gives your team a space where they ‘belong’ and encourages collaborative projects. In many cases, you should also be able to customize a décor to an extent. For example, you may be permitted to put up a poster or two with your brand signage.

That said, make sure the space is big enough for your team and any new members you may feel the need to bring on in the next few months. The lease should be flexible enough to match your growth plans.

Look Into The Amenities Available

The advantage of a coworking space rather than an office for rent in Gurgaon is that you don’t have to worry about office maintenance, refilling printer ink, AMC contracts for the air conditioners, buying a microwave, etc. While they may seem like small tasks, having them off your shoulders is a relief. All you need to make sure is that the coworking space you’re looking at provides all the amenities you need.

Let’s start with the basic facilities to space must have – a good filtered HVAC system and high-speed internet. Then, of course, the office space must be well planned with sufficient distance between desks and comfortable chairs. Printers and scanners should be accessible as well.

Look into the availability of meeting rooms and audio-visual equipment for presentations and whether the use of these amenities is included in the base cost or attracts an additional fee. Also, look into amenities that would keep your employees comfortable such as a kitchenette, lockers, a coffee machine, etc.

Scope Out The Would-Be Co-Workers

Your company will not be the only one working out of a coworking space. Gurgaon attracts freelancers, start-ups and established corporate teams. Before you sign a lease, look into who else would be sharing your space and how well you think your team would gel with them.

For example, if you’re trying to build a mature brand image as an investment service provider, working alongside informal teams may be a mismatch to your brand culture. At the same time, the other people on the floor could be great partners. For example, the team working on social media could help you with a marketing campaign.

Finding The Perfect Co Working Space For Rent In Gurgaon

Of all the coworking space options available in Gurgaon, The Office Pass (TOP) ticks all the right boxes. It is well-connected, in a safe locality, fully equipped with a range of amenities and gives you the choice of a flexible membership plan to suit a growing team. To know more, contact us at +91 89998 28282

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