Making the Right Health Insurance Choice for the Best Price and Coverage

Making the Right Health Insurance Choice for the Best Price and Coverage

Health insurance concerns whether you are a new entrant in Switzerland, an existing ex-pat, or a citizen. Are you looking for a new health insurance plan? or Want to change your current plan? Do you want to reduce the premium or get extra benefits from your health insurance plan? You are at the right place. All you have to do is just go ahead and start comparing different programs offered by various insurance companies. Now you would have further questions in your mind like; Is it time easy? Is it worthwhile? Is it beneficial? Is online saving my time?

The answer to all these questions is “YES”! Read ahead to know how comparing health insurance plans can save your premium. 

Switzerland’s health care is undoubtedly one of the best in the world. And we all know it is not free. Everyone must have health insurance. Effective from 1996, almost 100 % of citizens and temporary residents are legally required to purchase insurance. Any new entrant must get health insurance within 90 days of landing. The insurance, once accepted, is counted from the date of landing itself.

Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) regulates compulsory basic insurance and is responsible for public health. Though it ensures mandatory health insurance and its policies are followed as fair pricing and helps in quick reimbursement of medicinal products. Switzerland’s universal health care system is highly decentralized. Thanks to the cantons, or the states, that run more or less independently.

You could easily end up paying much more for lesser benefits if you are not aware of all the features, benefits, and costs involved. Any knowledge available readily and quickly enables you to evaluate your health insurance plan.  

Here’s How You Can Save Money by Making a Comparison

The first and foremost point here is health insurance comparison is an individual’s sole responsibility. Visit the websites of government agencies, read and verify all the aspects to draw maximum benefits.

There are many advantages of a comparison site. It saves you money and offers additional benefits all in one place with a simple click of a button. You can see and get advice right in front of you in a straightforward manner. We will discuss and show them all. 

Here are some key points you must keep in mind when you are on a comparison website.

Do check out how increasing your deductible in your basic insurance from the mandatory CHF 300 can save you on your premiums. Your savings could be from 8% to 50%, depending on the plan.

If looking to change the insurance company, plan it out well ahead of time, as acceptance of the new policy could take some time. So, you remain covered and have enough time in hand for cancellation.

Many insurance companies offer a good discount if all family members are covered under the same umbrella.

Types of Savings from Basic Insurance

Yes, that’s true. Even on your compulsory basic insurance also you can save money.

You can save money from both primary and supplementary insurances. Many insurance companies offer you various types of benefits, like alternative insurance models (AIM). Here, for all your health-related problems, you get a central point of contact. You can get good discounts on the basic insurance premium, discounts on telemedicine, discounts on General Practitioner consultation charges, which could be from 10% to 16%, depending on the plan and type.

If you are employed by the same employer for a minimum of eight hours a week, then you automatically get insured for both occupational and non-occupational accidents through them. So, in this case, you can exclude your accident cover under compulsory basic insurance, and you can reduce the basic insurance premium by 7%.

Critical Points for Why Supplementary Health Insurance

The mandatory primary health insurance—through a unique one—has quite a few limitations, like entitlement for general ward only, access to limited hospitals and doctors, etc. However, supplementary health insurance gives you a secure, more fantastic choice of physicians and better hospital accommodations.

It is in supplementary coverage where the insurance companies show differences in the service they provide.

Advantages of Online Comparison

When you make a comparison, you get quick and easy quotes. Depending on the plan and the insurance company, potential savings could be up to 4,000 Francs per year. You get personalized offers and discounts from various insurance companies, comparisons of plans from several companies all in one place. Depending on the deductible rate, your age, and type of plan, your insurance company may significantly increase premiums. So, one must make a comparison and select the best method that offers maximum savings.


Whether you are looking for a new health policy or want to change an existing one, it is worth spending some time comparing the plans to get the maximum benefits. You may realize how you have been overpaying for years but not enjoying all benefits. That’s because many residents of Switzerland (you could be one of them) pay a premium on the word of the insurance salesman or acquaintances.

So, Compare, Switch, and Save! In Switzerland, it is allowed once a year. Apart from being compulsory, health insurance is a friend in need, a friend indeed.

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