How to Fix a Burst Pipe: 5 Essential Tips

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Has your home smelled moldy when you turn on the tap? Or have you become increasingly frustrated when bathing, only to have some water come out sporadically? If so, you may need to fix a burst pipe.

This problem can create plenty of headaches if you’re dealing with one of the above situations and are completely left without water.

Don’t worry; we’re here to help! Keep reading for five essential tips on how to fix a burst pipe.

1. Gather Supplies Needed

Gathering the right supplies necessary to fix a burst pipe is an important step. The essential supplies you will need are a pipe wrench to unscrew the tube, a hacksaw to cut through the old, broken line, a new piece of pipe to replace the broken one, and a pipe cutter to properly cut the replacement pipe to the right size.

Moreover, you’ll need plumbing cement to seal the new line in place. Also, gloves, safety glasses, and a caulk gun are useful items to have on hand when repairing.

2. Shut Off the Water Supply

To fix a broken pipe, you must switch off the main valve in your water system and any other valves along the pipe’s route. This will help stop the water flow and limit any potential damage.

Next, look for potential hazards such as slippery surfaces or electric systems. Ensure you wear protective gear such as thick rubber gloves and safety glasses.  

3. Identify and Prepare the Leaking Pipe

Identify the cause of the burst pipe. Check for loose sealants, corroded pipes, or any other signs of wear. 

Once the source has been located, the next step is to prepare the leaking pipe for repair. Ensure that any objects near the line are moved out to aid access to the leaking pipe. 

Clean out also any remaining debris from inside the leaking pipe. This way, any of the newly applied materials will adhere efficiently.

4. Install Repairs

Carefully inspect the burst pipe and replace it with a coupling or repair clamp. Use a hole saw or Sawzall to cut out the damaged area and replace it with a new one. Use a pipe wrench and joint compound to secure the new section.

Once the new team is in place, use PVC or metal piping clips to help hold it. Then, turn the water back on and check for leaks.

If the leaks persist, it’s best to get the help of a plumbing service like The Plumber Guy. They will help you fix all problems with your pipes.

5. Secure Pipe Connections

Inspecting the pipes regularly for any moisture or dampness is essential, as this can signal a leak. Additionally, it’s necessary to use quality seals and clamps when installing pipes and to use a pipe wrench or adjustable wrench to ensure a tight fit.

Finally, be sure to inspect the pipes for any breaks or cracks that could be from shifting or freezing water. Ensuring secure pipe connections and regularly checking the lines for leaks can minimize burst pipes.

Follow This Guide on How to Fix a Burst Pipe 

This guide provides clear instructions on how to fix a burst pipe. Following these steps accurately and keeping the necessary safety precautions in mind, anyone can fix a burst pipe.

Remember to keep the necessary materials on hand in case of emergencies. Call a plumber if you’re ever in doubt and need help.

Start now! Get to fixing your burst pipe today!

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