How to grow and master your social media marketing skills

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The digital strategy deployed by companies requires them to have advanced skills. So to master social networks, companies are looking for technophile profiles, seasoned in communication techniques, having a particular affinity with Facebook, Twitter

1. Manage the company’s social networks: the internal solution

With the importance that social networks have taken in the digital strategy of companies, it is increasingly wise to have a community manager for leads dedicated to the issue internally. However, few SMEs are large enough to justify an employee devoting himself entirely to the management of social networks. Most of the time, it is therefore an employee motivated by this question who will add social networks to his duties, after a brief training. The company can choose to assign to social networks an employee already involved in the company’s digital strategy: the webmaster or the content manager, for example. Whatever solution is chosen, it is advisable to leave a single person in charge of social networks to promote the coherence of the Social Media Marketing strategy . Indeed, it is the best solution to build a reliable e-reputation on all channels, from Facebook to Twitter , via LinkedIn. .


2. The Community Manager, a web pro who listens to the customer community

It would be wrong to think that managing social networks is within everyone’s reach. The skills of a community manager are at the crossroads of expertise since the professional writes content, participates in customer communication and digital strategy and deals with after-sales service issues. The social media manager must demonstrate a good web culture and advanced knowledge of social networks and their tools. He must also have a certain curiosity, responsiveness and creativity to constantly adapt to a particularly evolving medium. He is also a web professional capable of surfing trends, with a vision of development and growth for the company. Finally, the community manager is someone of trust, who has perfectly integrated the culture of the company, in order to reproduce it on social networks.

How much does a community manager cost? This question can prove to be important for many VSEs and SMEs. On average, a hired CM earns around 27,000 euros gross annually. It is also possible to choose a freelance social media professional. It is necessary to count, in this case, between 500 and 800 euros HT per day. Last possibility, finally, to call Sonuos Digital agency.

3. Skills according to the choice of the social network

Depending on the social network where the company is active, a community manager will have to mobilize very specific skills: 

YouTube: the ideal manager is a video expert, able to quickly edit, master of YouTube “codes” and a keen connoisseur of what works there;

Twitter: the community manager must be responsive, involved in his sector of activity, up to date with new developments. Its objective will be to position the brand as an expert in its sector of activity;

Facebook: customer relationship skills are required, as well as close proximity to users;

Pinterest: on this image-based social network, the aesthetics and quality of graphic content are a challenge. A good level in photography or image editing may be necessary;

LinkedIn or Viadeo ): the community manager must be a networking and customer prospecting professional.

4. Use an agency

If a budget is available, the best option may be to hire a communications agency . Seasoned professionals are often the most able to help an SME achieve its commercial and loyalty objectives via social networks.

This will be responsible for developing a complete strategy on social networks, and reporting on this presence: number of followers gained each week or each month, number of clicks on publications, earnings for the company … it is also responsible for adapting this strategy in real time. The cost ? It depends on many parameters: the agency, its location (such a service provider is for example much more expensive in Paris …), its experience, the associated services.


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