Packaging Material and Designs for Custom Soap Boxes

custom soap boxes

Our minds have become so accustomed to soaps- the most basic cleaning products- that we can’t think of a time, even in the past where soaps weren’t as common as they are today. Suffice to say, the establishment of the soap-making industry can be traced to the beginning of times and it has grown bigger and bigger over the centuries. However, in today’s modern-day and age where the competition between businesses is reaching new heights, are you aware of all the innovative and game-changing ideas for your soap making and packaging methods? Here you can know more about the leading-edge packaging and designs for soap boxes that can prove to be a pivotal basis for the growth of your brand about Custom Soap Boxes

Popular materials used for custom soap boxes:

The materials selected for soap packaging are very crucial to their protection and preservation and they play an important role in attracting customers to the brand. 

Kraft paper soapboxes:

A product like soap whose main purpose is cleanliness, freshness, and providing a feeling of purity, must be packed in materials that also radiate the same air once the customer’s eye falls upon them. What material could fit this description better than Kraft paper? Made from 100% recycled material, Kraft paper looks minimal and organic; both qualities contributing to a natural and elegant appeal. 

Kraft paper boxes are highly print-friendly and can be customized to a great extent. Logos, color schemes, patterns, drawings- everything can be printed on them. They are strong and have less potential of being deformed by environmental factors. The best upside of Kraft paper is that it is the most eco-friendly material to be used for packaging like bath bomb packaging and this factor alone captivates people enough for them to develop an interest in the brand. 

Plastic derived soapboxes:

The most abundant material that we see around us is plastic. Although a little controversial as it raises environmental concerns, plastic can be highly customized. It can be cast to any desired shape, whether it is a simple rectangular box or a quirky zigzag-shaped box. Any size and form can be made out of plastic and printing and dying can be made easy as well. Some of the forms of packaging that can be manufactured using plastic are:

  • Bottles

The widespread use of plastic bottles for all kinds of products including detergents and liquid cleansers is evident in every nook and corner of the world. Liquid soaps can be very conveniently packed into plastic bottles as they are seepage proof; there will be no leaks preventing the waste of the product. All sizes can be manufactured, whether it is a pocket-sized bottle or a gallon for liquid detergents. 

  • Tubes

Another cutting-edge packaging style is the production of tubes that hold liquid soaps and are easy to use. 

  • Polybags

Made out of polyethylene, polybags look trendy and are very spacious to package soaps.

  • Shrink wraps

Soap bars can be packaged in shrink-wraps that are see-through so that the product is on display and the customer can rely on the power of visibility to trust the soap he is buying.

Paper used for soapboxes:

Paper wraps are also common for packaging soaps as they are very practical and can be customized as pleased by the manufacturer. Printing is easy and it looks natural and delicate. 

Cardboard made soapboxes:

If you want the most easily accessible material for your soapboxes, cardboard is a suitable choice. Not only does it make boxes that are sturdy and reliable, but it is also highly customizable and various graphics of choice can be printed on them. Widespread use of cardboard in terms of soap packaging is the manufacture of wholesale cartons to pack and transport the soap packs. Several designs can also be incorporated in cardboard boxes as they can be easily molded into different shapes and sizes allowing more space for a broad spectrum of creative ideas. Another benefit is that cardboard is safe to use as it is recyclable and degradable being less dangerous to the environment.

Innovative designing of the soapboxes

While campaigning or advertising for a product, the most powerful tool to be used is visual appeal. Custom soap packaging comes in handy when attracting customers because you can materialize all your ideas on the boxes and make them different from other products in the market. If the designs are captivating enough for the customer to pick up your product, there is a huge chance of him putting it in his cart as well. 

Eccentric illustrations, graphics, and patterns:

The box can be designed with the help of trendy illustrations like drawings or doodles that are colorful and make the product pop out when placed amongst hundreds of other products on the shelf. Geometric shapes and patterns can be used to make the box look dexterous and any kind of graphics and illustrations that make the packaging more personalized according to your brand.

Embossed packaging materials:

A clever way of decoration is embossing the material used for packaging the soaps. This trick provides a variety of textures and artistic patterns that can be put on the boxes, without making them look too tacky. Gold and silver embossing can be added to give a royal and classy appeal to the packaging. 

Logos and branding:

You can keep the boxes extremely minimal by choosing a monochromatic theme for the boxes and printing only the logo or your tagline on top. This looks chic and elegant, making the soap look exotic and unique. Information about the product can be printed on the back of the box, so the customer isn’t lead completely astray from important details like ingredients and expiry dates.

Kraft/cardboard/paper tags and ribbons:

Keeping the packaging minimal yet aesthetic, little tags can be tied to the box with ribbons wrapped around the box, making it look personal and organic. The tags can contain the logo and punch line of the brand so that brand promotion is also achieved.


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