How to have a good crush

Pay attention to how you feel and behave to find out the clue for if you’re crushing, then try a few sneaky strategies to get yourself noticed. And if you think they might be interested in you too, let them know how you feel. Crossed fingers!

Take part in a social event if you want to meet someone new. 

Reading or knitting are two great hobbies, but they probably won’t expose you to new people. Choose an activity that involves interacting with other people rather than just one.

Ask them questions about yourself to show that you are interested.

Next time you talk, instead of talking about yourself over and over again, ask them what fun projects they’ve planned or how they felt about last night’s Game of Thrones episode , for example. People love to talk about themselves and by asking questions you are subtly telling them that you care.

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Don’t question them or bombard them with question after question. Find a healthy balance between asking questions, listening and speaking.
For example, when they say they spent time with their little sister last weekend, instead of moving on to a new topic, you ask, “How is your sister doing?” or “What type of activities you do together?” To keep the conversation focused.

Don’t miss out on potential crushes and keep the phone aside. 

Being more careful will increase your chances of finding a crush. Instead of scrolling through Instagram while you wait for your coffee tomorrow morning, shop. Otherwise, you might miss the flirtatious smile.

Concentrating on the phone also makes you seem unreachable. People might think that you are already involved in some relationship or you are just too rude to talk with someone. Try to leave your phone in your pocket or even at home the next time you go out somewhere.

Notice if you’re in a good mood, especially when they’re around.

When you feel something for someone, your brain makes more serotonin, the hormone that makes you happy. If your mood goes up whenever he’s in the same room as you, it could be a sign that there is attraction.

Higher levels of serotonin can also help you feel better overall, even if your crush isn’t there. Rule out other factors that might affect your mood. For example, if you’ve just been chosen as an enthusiastic captain, those happy feelings might not be coming from your potential crush.

Be careful what you think or talk about.

If you have a crush on someone, you’re bound to talk about it whenever you can, or you spend hours each day thinking about them more than other things. It can also happen unconsciously, without you realizing it.

Ask your friends if they’ve noticed that you’ve removed your crush too much.

If you’re not sure how often to imagine dreams about your crush, try taking notes whenever you think of it during a day. At night, look at your list. If it’s long, you probably like them more than a bit.

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