How to Immigrate to Toronto Canada


Overview of Canada’s Immigration Programs

There are more than 80 ways to move to Canada! We will introduce large groups of Canadian immigrants to make things simple for our readers. 

Economic and Business Immigration Options

Economic and trade equalization opportunities are for professionals with skills that support the Canadian economy. Each program is very different in the capabilities required so no description suitable for everyone is possible.

Immigrants’ economic and business categories are:

  1. Candidate plans for the district
  2. Quick entry
  3. Immigration in Quebec
  4. Investor Programs
  5. Programs for entrepreneurs and the self-employed
  6. Other federal immigrant classes such as the caregiver, the Atlantic immigrant pilot, rural and northern immigrant pilot and the Agri-Food pilot are also options under the umbrella of economic immigrants to Canada.

Family Support

Family Aid is a group of immigrants made available to the families of Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

Eligible family members include:

  1. Spouse or cohabitant / cohabitant
  2. Dependent child (adopted or biological)
  3. Parents and grandparents
  4. In some cases, you may be eligible to support other family members outside of the above categories. If you have no other qualified relatives to support, you can support the following family members:
  5. Orphaned brother or sister
  6. The orphaned nephew or niece
  7. Orphaned grandchild

How Much Money Do You Need to Move to Canada?

The amount of money you need to move to Canada varies greatly. Some immigration applications do not require more than the processing fees for your application. Others need significant investment in Canada. We will break it down by categories below.

Economic Immigrant: Most economic categories of immigrants require proof that you can support yourself financially while resettling in Canada. Some, however, do not. Classes of economic immigrants who do not require proof of settlement funds usually require an applicant for Canadian work experience or a Canadian job offer. The argument is that these candidates do not need funding for reconstruction in Canada given the fact that they have already assimilated into the Canadian workforce.

Business Immigrants: All types of business immigrants require significant investment in Canada. It may require the applicant to have invested in a Canadian company or require the applicant to lend an interest-free loan to the federal or district government.

Family Sponsorship: In most cases, you do not provide financial information to support a spouse or dependent child. If you are supporting other family members such as a parent or grandparent, then there is a financial requirement that must be met to be eligible to apply.

Humanitarian and Refugee Association: If you apply for humanitarian and compassionate applications, there are no financial requirements. The only time financial information is required in this category of immigrants is if the refugee is a private applicant. In that case, the Canadian group supporting the refugee must demonstrate that it has raised sufficient resources to support the rebuilding of the refugee candidate.

What are the requirements for moving to Canada?

The documents required for an immigration application depend on the application you are applying for. For example, some immigration programs require Canadian experience and some do not. The requirements for LMIA application (exigences relatives à la demande d’EIMT ), which stands for Labour Market Impact Assessment, are an essential part of certain immigration programs. LMIA is necessary for some work permits, and it involves an assessment of the impact hiring a foreign worker would have on the Canadian labor market. Ensuring you have the correct documents for an LMIA application is crucial in such cases.

Documents that are likely to be required are identity cards / travel documents, educational reports, proof of work experience, financial history, etc. To determine the documents you need, first you need to decide which immigration plan is best for you!

What is the maximum age of immigrants in Canada?

There is no specific age limit for a Canadian immigration program. That said, in most categories of economic immigrants, applicants receive a maximum of 25-35 points. This does not mean that it is not possible to select older candidates. Having extensive work experience, extensive language skills, connections with Canada and upper secondary education can easily offset all the levels lost due to age in economic immigration.

Family sponsorship and humanity and immigrants to Canada do not use a ranking system and therefore have no age penalty.

Is It Easy to Move to Canada?

With over 80 immigration routes, Canada has a variety of options for all types of applicants. That said, it does take some effort to relocate. Some immigration programs require higher skills and more documents than others. Using the services of Canadian immigration attorneys can greatly help with the immigration process from start to finish.

Canadian immigration lawyers are the contact point for the government regarding your application. They will take care of submitting your application and advising you on the documents you need, the ones you might want to include and the documents you should not submit.

To learn more about how qualified lawyers and attorneys at Canadim Law Firm can help you, check out our Canadian Immigration Service page.

Do I Need a Job Offer to Go to Canada?

No. The vast majority of Canadian permanent residents do not have job offers in Canada when they apply. While some Canadian immigration programs require applicants to have a Canadian job offer, there are a variety of programs and options available to foreign nationals without a job offer in Canada.

What is a Permanent Resident?

A Canadian resident is a citizen of another country who has been granted permission to live in Canada as a resident. When an individual has the status of permanent residence, he has the right to live and work anywhere in the country. Permanent residents receive a significant number of benefits in Canada, including access to health care and social services, the right to live, work and study anywhere in Canada, and protection under Canadian law. As after being a permanent resident for a certain period of time, permanent residents can apply to become Canadian citizens! Canadian permanent residents in particular do not have the right to vote in Canadian elections.

What is a Citizen?

Canadian citizens have many rights and privileges in Canada. Citizens have access to health care, social services, and legal support. A citizen can live, work and study anywhere in Canada and has the right to vote in Canadian elections. It is also not possible to revoke or remove citizenship. All people born in Canada automatically acquire Canadian citizenship. Similarly, foreign nationals can become natural Canadian citizens by going through the proper application process with the Immigration Service, Refugees and Citizenship of Canada (IRCC).

Can I Work Anywhere in Canada?

Once a person has Canadian permanent resident status, they have the authorization to live and work anywhere in Canada. If a foreign national does not have Canadian permanent resident status, then they must have the proper authorization to work in Canada. Usually, this authorization comes in the form of a Canadian work permit.

Can I Bring My Family to Canada?

Certain immigration plans allow foreign nationals to move to Canada with their family members. The family members who can travel with foreign nationals vary according to the immigration plan. For example, those who import through Canada’s Express Entry system are eligible to support their spouses and children, but not their parents. In Canada, however, there is a support program for families that allows Canadian citizens and permanent residents to support their spouse or partner, dependent children, and parents / grandparents. In order to determine if your family members can join you or not, you must first decide which immigration path to choose!


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