How to know if your tooth needs root canal: symptoms and treatment

Tooth pain is a serious sign that something is wrong with your teeth. However, having a toothache doesn’t necessarily mean that you require a root canal. Read on to get an in-depth understanding of whether the pain in your teeth makes it necessary for you to get a root canal.

 What is a root canal?

There are two meanings to what a root canal is. The first meaning refers to the inner tooth in-between the pulp and the tooth roots. The other focuses on treating the tooth, i.e., removing the infected parts and eliminating the toothache. There are blood vessels in the root canals, which deliver nutrients to the teeth. It also comprises nerves that identify other influencing factors like pressure, heat, and cold. Some questions on many patients’ lips include: do I need a root canal? When would I need it? Do I need to remove some nerves when I experience a toothache? All the questions are tightly linked. The removal of a nerve is a stage in root canal therapy. This removal is needed when a patient is experiencing a pulp infection and tooth decay.

Causes of Root Canal Infection

You may experience a root canal infection for several reasons. Although the fundamental cause of this infection is the penetration of the pulp by bacteria. The causes of root canal infection can be determined by the way the bacteria penetrated the pulp. Here are the reasons behind root canal infection:

  • Constant dental treatment on the same tooth
  • Abnormality in the tooth anatomy, which allows bacteria to have a go at the pulp tissue
  • Sterile necrosis results from tooth concussion (symptoms include highly calcified canals or tooth discoloration, which is picked out by x-ray).
  • Tooth displacements as a result of subluxation, intrusion, and extrusion
  • Avulsed teeth that allow bacterial sips into the teeth pulps
  • A damaged or cracked tooth that allows bacteria to infect the pulp
  • Dental decay gives room to bacteria to invade the pulp and affect it. 

When Is a Root Canal Needed?

An expert dentist will effectively identify the need for root canal therapy. However, apart from the dentist, a patient can also prepare himself by considering some specific features. These features are discussed below:

Symptoms Identifiable by Patients

The only persons who can determine whether a patient needs a root canal through professional methods are qualified dentists. The symptoms below can also notify the patient of what he should expect from dental treatments.

  • Gum tenderness
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • A general feeling of illness

You may be experiencing one or all of the above symptoms. Each symptom signifies that there is a problem.

Symptoms Identifiable Solely by Dentist

After listening to a patient’s concerns and symptoms, a professional dentist will utilize professional methods to determine whether what you need is endodontic therapy.

The methods used by dentists to determine whether a canal root is needed or not include:

  • The cavity test
  • Selective anesthesia
  • Electric and thermal testing
  • Tapping the problem tooth
  • Frequent nerve exposure
  • Identification of the darkened problem tooth
  • Identification of recurring or persistent gum boils
  • Xrays

Your dentist may not make use of all the above techniques. Also, the prescription of a root canal does not require the presence of recurring or persistent gum boils, a sharp pain when the tooth is tapped, or a darkened tooth. Several valid reasons are sufficient to point out that you need endodontic therapy.

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