Most Effective Tools To Use For Facebook And Instagram Marketing In 2021

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Facebook and Instagram are two of the biggest social media platforms out there in 2021. With more than 2 billion and 1 billion monthly active users, respectively, both social media networks represent a fantastic opportunity for marketers. 

Although Facebook and Instagram marketing is important, the competition and customer demands mean marketers, more often than not, require some help.

Thankfully, savvy marketers can use several effective automation tools for their Facebook and Instagram marketing. This article will cover some of the best effective social media marketing tools you can use with reliable examples.

Best Social Media Marketing Tools For 2021

While there are many tools you can use, only a handful of them can significantly help you to boost your efforts, ensuring you yield more results and generate more ROI in record time.

Facebook Chatbot Tool

Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular amongst smart marketers in 2021, and this is due to their cutting-edge effectiveness. The good thing about chatbots is that they can be used alongside almost any other internet marketing strategy, and Facebook is not an exemption.

For example, you can use a Messenger chatbot like Zebrabuzz to engage your customers 24/7 via Facebook as well as integrate it into your eCommerce website. 

Due to increasing customer demands and stifling competition, the 21st-century social media business does not need to have ‘closing hours’ anymore. Chatbots are the best chance of achieving that. 

With Messenger bots, you can sell your products and services, interact with customers, answer questions, generate and qualify leads, automate content publishing across social media, among many other valuable functionalities. 

All of these can be achieved for significantly low costs without the need to increase employee headcount. In fact, you can use the tool for a time and generate more income before you pay the affordable costs.

eCommerce In Messenger Tools

Another effective way to get the most out of your Facebook marketing is creating a virtual store on Messenger. Most times, people want to buy your products but don’t want to leave Facebook Messenger because they use it for work, leisure, and chat with their loved ones.

This is why you need to bring the market to them. With an eCommerce in Messenger tool, which is also available on Zebrabuzz and similar tools, potential customers can see your products, check the details, and pay directly on Messenger without leaving the platform.

This streamlines their experience and makes them more willing to purchase your products. The eCommerce in Messenger tool works on Facebook and via browser.

Instagram Publishing and Content Planner Tool

Scheduling your posts in advance is a great way to ensure you remain consistent and keep a coherent profile. As an Instagram marketer, it is crucial to be regular with your content delivery.

This keeps your profile relevant, ensures your page is always seen by current followers and helps you get new ones. This means you have to constantly make Instagram posts, which is a burdensome task, especially with many other aspects of your business.

The quick fix would be to hire someone to do the job while you focus on others. But you can cut the costs that you may accrue on a social media manager.

With free Instagram automation tools like IGSUMO, you can schedule your Instagram posts. The Instagram Publishing feature of this tool also helps you to choose time zones, which is great for marketers that have the bulk of their followers in a particular region.

You can choose the number of times you want the post to be reposed as well as its frequency, among others. Another feature of IGSUMO is the hashtag search tool, which will be the next effective tool we’ll discuss.

Instagram Hashtag Generators

Hashtags are important regardless of the platform. When marketing your products on Instagram, hashtags connect you to your target audience faster. 

You can also gain more organic followers, boost engagement, help you rank higher in search results, and appear more often on the Explore page. But for hashtags to be this effective, they need to be relevant to your business and the post. There are also other instagram tools like Instagram scraper online That allows you to access publicly accessible data in instagram.

This is why you need an Instagram hashtag generator. As a feature of IGSUMO, the hashtag search tool helps you generate relevant hashtags that are best for each of your posts. 

You will find trending hashtags to use so that your posts appear in the search results of your target audience and potential clients.

There are a handful of tools that can help Facebook and Instagram marketers, but these are very crucial, especially to the 21st-Century marketer. Thankfully, these tools are available for free for an extended period.


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