How to Level Up Fast in WoW TBC

How to Level Up Fast in WoW TBC

Learning to level up fast is going to make a huge difference to your experience.

Have you been searching for ways in which you can level up quickly when playing World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade? Fear not, as we have a few methods for you to get those levels up fast. You might be looking to get as much WoW TBC gold as you can, or how to take advantage of ways to utilise WoW TBC power leveling, but knowledge of raising your levels will be vital too.


Let’s start out with a straightforward one. Yes, it may seem like the typical choice to get the levels up, but it is still worth pointing out. If you are playing the game solo, then you will definitely benefit from doing this. You will notice that there are a number of quest hubs in the Outland areas. So don’t hang around and start making your way through them.

There is also the added benefit that you are going to be experiencing the story as you’re going along. You should try questing in areas that are high-level Zeroth zones since boosted characters don’t actually, have the best gear, but you should still focus on your quest log all the same. The reason for this is that it will show different colours in your log. Keep a close eye on them if you want to make sure you’re not wasting any time with Burning Crusade power leveling.

The yellow and green coded quests are the ones you should look at, since they are within your level range. You might also see grey quests, which you should avoid. Even if you buy WoW TBC gold, it won’t be enough to prepare you for these. Then you have red and orange quests, which you need to be a higher level for. If you are going to attempt doing these quests, then make sure that you take extra caution.

Group With Others

Teaming up with friends or other players is going to help you get through quests even quicker, therefore helping you level up quicker too. The experience that you get from enemies is going to be less, but the overall quest experience will be the same. Even though there is a bit of a difference in how fast you can clear through depending on your class, the general clear speed with a group is going to be beneficial.


If you’ve managed to find others or team up with your friends, then doing dungeons is a fantastic way for you to gain levels, as well as find WoW TBC Classic items along the way. Obviously, it would be advantageous to you if you can get yourself to a point where you have people ready to go. Having to use tools such as LFG to find others is going to slow down the process. Having players join then leave is also going to be a particular gripe.

Even so, if you are playing as Horde, you can pretty much bank on the fact that there is going to be Paladin tanks at your disposal. This will make your runs through the dungeons of the Outland much more lucrative than it would be otherwise. You also have dungeon quests to do as well. You can only complete them once, but you should do them anyway just to get that additional amount of experience that you are looking for when power leveling up in WoW TBC.

Be Sure to Rest

This is something that a lot of players seem to forget about, but you can also gain rested experience in WoW TBC. When you are done with the game and you are ready to log out, you will then need to go to a rested area or an inn. The rested experience received doubles what you would get when killing enemies. You will also gain it faster if you’re logged out of the game itself too.

We all need to get our beauty sleep at some point when power leveling our character. So why wouldn’t you take full advantage of the additional experience that you stand to gain. If you are struggling to see whether or not you are in a rested area, look for the ‘Zzzz’ prompt that you find on the portrait of your character.

So, once you have figured out ways in which you’re going to get more WoW TBC Classic gold, then all that’s left to do is use these skills to level up your character. We have a lot of effort to put in to get to level 70 for sure.

Are you going to try these methods on how to level up quickly in World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade? Let us know in the comments section below!

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