Royale Flush: Fortnite as Magic the Gathering Trading Cards

Fortnite Illustrations in Magic the Gathering Cards

For the first time, Magic the Gathering will have Fortnite illustrations on its cards.

Fortnite has become the king of video game crossovers. Marvel? Fortnite has it. DC? Fortnite has it too. Heck, a Fortnite Account can have Star Wars skins too. Conversely, Fortnite has been featured in some visual media too, like Avengers Endgame. Now another franchise is going to feature Fortnite, and it’s an unlikely one: Magic the Gathering. Before moving ahead, we would suggest you to visit this site for MTGA Codes – Magic the Gathering MTG Arena Codes Store.

Just Like Fortnite Skins

So, how is a Battle Royale shooter is going to have its mechanics translated into a turn-based trading card game or its original skins brought into a setting that is mostly about magic? They’re not. Instead, older or long-running cards will simply have their illustrations be replaced by Fortnite-related ones. This means that, more likely than not, Fortnite cards will mostly be spells, instants, enchantments, and artifacts. While it’s possible to replace the illustration of some creatures with that of a Fortnite-related one and still be relevant, they’re going to be very few and far in between.

The inclusion of Fortnite in Magic the Gathering is part of the Secret Lair Drop Series. This particular series will let artists flex their creative muscles and create card illustrations according to their interpretations instead of the specific lore the card is a part of. Die-hard Magic the Gathering fans have lapped up these cards, as they are limited-edition and have truly and unique illustrations. And now that they are no longer for sale, the copies that are still around have become worth a lot.

Same goes with these Fortnite illustrations. They’re not going to be for sale forever, they’ll be sold by Wizards of the Coast and not the Fortnite item Shop, and only a limited copies would be printed. That means for those that want to get their hands on these cards, there’s no better time to buy them than the second they are released.

From Battle Royale to Trading Card Game

This, however, is a stark contrast to another video game franchise that will have a Magic the Gathering crossover: Street Fighter. Unlike Fortnite, Street Fighter cards are going to be completely new cards that come with their own mechanics, making them quite a delight to play. That also means there are going to be a lot of creature cards for the fighting game’s Magic the Gathering version. How it’s going to mesh with the much bigger metagame of the cards is not yet known. Then again, Magic the Gathering has always phased out older mechanics in favor of new ones and do not include small, novelty mechanics in official play, so there won’t be much trouble for this.

In an amusing stroke of either coincidence or a planned marketing move, Magic the Gathering featured Street Fighter after the fighting game series had a crossover with Fortnite. Some of its most iconic characters, Ryu, Chun-Li, Cammy, and Guile were brought into the Battle Royale shooter as skins, and now they’re in one of the biggest trading card games in the world.

Same Fandom Strategy

Aside from these two sets being included in the Secret Lair Drop Series, they’re also part of an initiative called Universes Beyond. As the name suggests, it means the trading card game will be cards from franchises outside its own. Apart from Fortnite and Street Fighter, there will be the more fitting Warhammer 40K and The Lord of the Rings.

Considering that the latter serves as the inspiration of a wide variety of high fantasy settings and role-playing games, Wizards of the Coast should have no trouble with making illustrations and mechanics for them. Same is true with Warhammer 40k. In fact, it’s a rather interesting choice that balances Magic the Gathering’s tendency to simulate roleplaying games and being out of the box.

Come to think of it, Magic the Gathering is simply doing what Fortnite has been doing since the late 2010s. Thankfully, with Magic the Gathering being the premier trading card game, there’s no right or wrong time for it to start such a trend. Another reason why kicking off crossover cards is a great idea is because both Magic the Gathering and these franchises get a boost not only in popularity but also in sales. That, of course, includes Fortnite Accounts for Sale. Lastly, these create limited-edition cards that have monetary, cultural, and historical value for not just the fans of both franchises, but also for those that look at popular culture in an academic lens.

Whether you’re a Magic the Gathering or Fortnite fan, it’s highly recommended that you get these cards. Doubly so if you’re into both franchises. Make sure your wallet’s ready for it.

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