How to Make a Motorcycle Helmet Quieter for a Peaceful Ride?

Motorcycle Helmet

Biking is a really noisy business.  Whether you ride a bike only for 2-3 hours on a weekend or you make a living out of it. The noise produced by the engine and the wind can be really bad for your hearing Motorcycle Helmet. Not only that noise diverts your mind and is a common cause of migraine headaches.

Also, YOU ONLY GET ONE SET OF EARS YOUR LIFE. So why not protect them and enjoy your ride without any damage.

Engine and wind noise around your head, just imagine, for a person like me even thinking about it gives me a headache. Check Quietest Motorcycle helmets.

The noise produced by an engine is roughly 90lb and can increase to 100lb while accelerating and inside the helmet it can increase to up to 115lb.

8 tips to make your helmet a quiet place:

  • Use of earplugs:

Earplugs look like this:

They are somewhat like musician’s earplugs.

This means that you can still hear, but not the frequencies bad for your ears.


  1. Inexpensive.
  2. Easy to wear.
  3. You can still hear outside noise.
  4. Reduce the frequency of sounds.
  5. Can be used with all sizes and brands.


  1. Not an option for delivery guys.
  2. Only useful for trips without stopovers.
  • Perfectly fitted Helmet:

A perfectly sized helmet is very important for a safe ride. Here you can find some best helmets.

It will reduce the gaps responsible for the wind noise around your neck and ears. It will also save you from accidents.

So, size is very important while choosing a helmet.

  • Earmuffs:

Earmuffs look somewhat like this:

usually used in colder countries to protect the ears from cold but they can also serve the purpose of noise reduction.


  1. Make a covering around the ears to protect from noise damage.


  1. They are mostly bigger and won’t fit under your helmet.

But there are some earmuffs you can wear under your helmet.

  • Wear A Scarf:

Noise is produced by the turbulence through the opening or gap under your helmet. Using a scarf fills that space but remember to extend it to your neck to gain maximum benefit.

Using a scarf in winters also saves you from cold as well as the noise produced by turbulence.

This can be very useful in winters to save you from cold as well as provides you with noise reduction for your peaceful ride.

  • Wind blocker:

Noise is produced by the wind leaks in your helmet by your neck area thus making your ride uncomfortable.

Therefore, while selecting a helmet for yourself find one with enough padding to cover the area and gap thus acting as a wind blocker and reduce the noise frequency.

It will not only reduce the noise but also keeps you safe in case of a crash and supports your head well. Again, buy a helmet that fits well. Take good care of the size.

Most of the helmets come with a wind blocker nowadays.

  • Face mask:

A Motorcycle face mask is another thing that keeps you safe from the high-frequency engine and wind sounds.

Face masks serve a similar function as scarfs by covering the gaps producing the noise and saving you from excessive noise.

It serves an additional function of saving you from dust and some bugs too while riding making you able to have a peaceful ride.

  • Closed Visor:

Opened visor gives the wind a way to get into your helmet and produce that noise.

Ride with the open visor and then close and you will notice the difference in the noise production.

A Closed visor gives the wind a barrier and thus a lot of noise just goes away leaving you to have a peaceful ride.

But before that make sure it’s completely sealing the gap otherwise it will increase the noise by turbulence. And can be a danger for you while riding.

  • Quiet Motorcycle Helmet:

If all these hacks are a lot for you, maybe buying a helmet with an already installed feature of noise reduction is the hack you need the most.

Buy a full-face motorcycle helmet, as open face helmets are noisier.

Open-face helmets have more ventilation points that are again the source of noise production. Full face helmet with fewer ventilation points is what you go to. S, always buy a full-face helmet. They are also useful in winters to protect you from cold as they cover the full face plus the neck area. Do spend time while looking for a helmet and always goes for the best option. So that you can have a great ride ahead. Not just great but peaceful and safe too.




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