How to Make the Right Impression on Your First Day of Work

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Getting a new job can be an exciting experience, particularly if it’s boosting you up the career ladder or your dream role. However, for all the excitement and success of landing that job, your first day at work can sometimes be tricky to navigate. Not only do you want to show your new boss that they made the right choice in hiring you, but you also want to make connections with your new colleagues. This, on top of learning the layout of your new office, getting to grips with the company’s computer software, learning new logins, etc., all of this can be overwhelming! It’s no wonder so many people feel nervous about their first day of work, so here are some tips to help you make the right impression.

Be Punctual

Walking in late on your first day of work is a great way to make the wrong impression, particularly on your new boss who is taking a chance on you as a new team member. While many things could make you late, you should make a good action plan to avoid the most-likely issues that will hold you up on your commute. For example, if you want to avoid getting stuck in traffic, train delays, or other common transport issues, leave your house at least 30-minutes earlier than you have to. It’s better to get to the office early than late, and this will give you some time to have a coffee when you get there before clocking in.

Choose an Outfit That Makes You Feel Good

If you want to make a good impression, you will need to have a bit of confidence in yourself. It might sound superficial, but the truth is if you feel that you look good, this will make you feel proud and confident. When choosing work attire, you should always think about what the company dress code is, as some are more formal and others prefer a casual approach. However, you should always stick to the smarter side of casual if your new place of work prefers the latter, as this will still bring a sense of professionalism to your look. Either way, pick out an appropriate outfit that makes you feel good. If you want to shop for some new work outfits but are on a budget, you could use these JCPenney coupons or something similar to help you save.

Engage in Conversation

Some people can go up to anybody and strike up a conversation, but for others, this can be much more of a challenge. You might be someone who prefers to be approached first rather than the one who breaks the ice, but it is worth trying to engage in conversation with your new colleagues. In most cases, at least one or two people in your new office will be welcoming and friendly, hopefully, the whole team! However, if it does seem a little quiet, see if you can muster up the confidence to introduce yourself in the break room at lunch and find out if you have any common ground with your new peers.

If you want to make the right impression on your first day, all of the points above are good places to start.

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