How to Motivate Your Colleagues Start Learning English

How to Motivate Your Colleagues Start Learning English

Do you know someone who could benefit from learning English? Maybe a colleague is struggling with the language and needs some help. You’re in luck because this post will show you how to motivate your colleagues to learn English!

The first step is to understand why they need motivation. What are their goals for learning the language? Once you know what’s motivating them, it becomes easier to figure out how best to motivate them. Many ways can provide motivation, such as providing an opportunity for them to practice or encouraging when they succeed at something new. We will look at the practices that can help motivate your colleagues to start learning English and avoid common speaking mistakes.

How to Start Motivating Colleagues to Learn English?

Offer your colleagues to take English courses in the office or online during your workday. Show employees that it is okay and even necessary to set aside time for training. It can be done in several ways:

  • Ask employees who are native speakers or proficient at it to volunteer for an hour a day helping their colleagues;
  • Hire a private online English tutor;
  • Attend corporate English courses with experienced and certified teachers online and offline;
  • Among the latter’s advantages: you can organize an offline cabinet with the desks, so the colleagues of yours feel comfortable and ready for study!

Celebrate Employees’ Achievements in Language Learning

One crucial strategy for motivating workers is to create a culture in the workplace that values ​​learning and tangibly celebrates achievement. Show that you appreciate that the employees have completed courses or advanced from one language learning level to another. It can be done by implementing a Learning Management System that includes, for example, leaderboards, badges, and other gamification tools that create friendly competition in learning. You can also place a poster of the English levels to encourage your employees to learn enthusiastically!

Make Learning Accessible

Today, company employees are often scattered in different cities. Therefore, they need to make learning available exactly when they are ready to learn something new, on whatever device they like best. It is possible if the school offers an online classroom with teaching materials. They will always have access to assignments and explanations and will be able to complete everything at a convenient time for them, even if an employee missed classes.

Combine Learning and Fun

Learning is interesting. But for people less academically inclined, it can be complex or not always enjoyable. Therefore, you need to be creative sometimes. Education does not always have to take place in the classroom. Consider planning your trip to an appropriate interactive museum or arranging monthly dinners. Sometimes, the less you perceive something as learning, the more effective it is. There are many extraordinary approaches to learning a foreign language: conversation clubs, joint movie screenings, grammar, phonetic clubs, book discussions, and even sometimes just play games in English.

Give Regular Feedback and Recommendations

Carefully train employees to be responsible for learning and development by scheduling regular meetings to talk about their progress. It will motivate and enable them to both ask questions and report on their efforts. You, as an employer, will have the opportunity to offer support and praise them.

The level of English proficiency in legal language, the style, and degree of its use can vary greatly depending on the position. An international lawyer and head of a law firm must not only have a wide professional vocabulary but also correctly apply this terminology, both in professional and abstract contexts.

To Sum It Up

It can be hard to motivate your colleagues to learn English, but you can easily handle that with these tips! For new employees to communicate effectively in the office and feel connected, they need an environment where everyone speaks a common language. There are many ways you can encourage people around you to learn or improve their English skills. Small steps like picking up some vocabulary words on social media platforms or more ambitious initiatives such as organizing workshops explicitly focused on learning English can do.

Whichever way works best for your company culture is what’s important here. Whatever approach you choose, though, it will help create a better work environment for all of your employees and make them more productive at work, and it has benefits for both parties.

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