Hire Armed Security Guard: Should You Do It?

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Over 1 million Americans work in security but only a select few are equipped to provide personal security. What’s the difference?

Your average security guard has an important job at hand. They provide surveillance and protection of a specified area. This can include shopping centers, banks, museums, and more.

A personal armed security guard has specialized training and equipment to ensure the safety and protection of public figures or important events. They recognize that their clients need a holistic approach to security beyond simple surveillance. Also hiring an armed security guard is best for your retail security.

The question is, when should you hire armed security guard protection? Read on to find out.

You Are In the Public Eye

Who needs armed security? Anyone who finds themselves in the public eye is a good candidate for hiring armed security.

What does it mean to be in the public eye? Politicians and delegates are great examples of people who need additional security because of their public status. Artists, celebrities, CEOs, and heirs or heiresses of a large fortune may also need armed security.

You Are Hosting a Large Event

Are you getting ready to host a large event? Hire armed security during the planning process. That way, they can assess the event venue and provide solutions to any security threats in advance.

Of course, having armed security guards the night of your event is also beneficial. Keep party crashers at bay, eliminate threats to your guests’ safety, and enjoy a smooth event.

You Are Undergoing a Big Change in Your Life

You may feel that you need to hire (or increase) your security at certain times in your life. When you’re dealing with major life changes, you may be more exposed to threats or feel like you have a target on your back.

What do we mean by life changes? Perhaps you’re moving homes or moving office spaces and want to ensure that your move is safe. Maybe you are about to accept a large promotion at work and you want additional security when that news goes public.

Hire Armed Security Guard: Agency or Direct Hire?

When you start looking into hiring an armed security guard, you’ll discover two primary options. You can hire an armed security guard through an agency or you can hire an armed security guard who represents themselves.

We recommend going through an agency like the one you’ll find at Agencies perform background checks, provide advanced training, and provide insurance coverage. Overall, you are making a better investment when you hire armed security guards through an agency.

Get the Personal Security You Need 

It’s not always easy to assess when we need increased personal security. If any of these scenarios sound familiar to you, it’s time to hire armed security guard protection. Don’t leave yourself exposed when you can access the personal security you need.

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