How to Pick the Best Twitch Username

Twitch channel usernames are a big deal. Your Twitch username affects your channel. It impacts your channel viewers and the impression you make on your followers.

When you choose a perfect username for your Twitch channel, you will stand out among many streamers on Twitch. Try to get your username right the first time because you cannot change your channel username for sixty days at a time.

Don’t be in a rush with this. Take time to create an exclusive username. We will now go into how you can select the best Twitch channel username for you.

Characteristics of a Perfect Username

A long and complicated username will not work because people will not find you. A good Twitch username is short, catchy, and simple. You want a handle that is no longer than 15 characters. Any longer, and people will have a hard time remembering it.

Some of the best Twitch usernames are not necessarily easy to say out loud. Some of the most memorable and successful are hard to pronounce. Just make sure that your username matches your channel’s brand identity. If the username has some similarities to your content, it will work better. Something trivial does not always work.

Don’t be tempted to pick a poorly thought-out username to make the signup process faster. IF it has a series of numbers and a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, it is of poor quality. Some people might not take you seriously. A mix of uppercase and lowercase letters will not work either.

Your username will not matter if you are there to connect with friends. But if you want to reach a larger audience, you will need a better username.

How to Generate Possible Twitch Usernames

Start by writing down all the keywords related to your niche. Include words that describe the personality of your brand. List everything you find important, fascinating, or interesting. Go until your list is long enough. Now start generating variants from those keywords and combining them in different ways.

Do not forget that someone else might already have appropriated a username you love. Get a twitch name checker. It will immediately check if a Twitch name is in use.

How to Change Twitch Usernames

Your Twitch username may have outlived its usefulness. Or maybe you have thought of a better username. Or you might have a different reason altogether for changing your Twitch username.

You can alter your username for any reason. Twitch allows streamers to changing Twitch username after every 60 days.

If you are preparing to give your brand a whole new identity, it might be time to switch Twitch usernames. Just be prepared to wait two months between changes.

Changing your Twitch name is easy:

  1. Start by logging into your Twitch account. Go to ‘Settings.’
  2. Find the ‘Username’ section under the Profile Settings section.
  3. Look out for a pencil icon. When you click on it, you will be able to take the final step of changing usernames. You can only do this if the pencil is visible. If it is not visible, you can’t change it yet.
  4. Save your changes.

Changing usernames causes your channel’s URL to change. Your old URL will not lead followers to your channel. You will need to update all links to your Twitch channel, no matter where you posted them.

You could not have access to your streamer stats. Export the stats first and then change your name.

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