The Top 4 Gold Coins to Buy for Investment

The Top 4 Gold Coins to Buy for Investment

Gold coins are gold bullion, gold bars, or gold ingots that are manufactured into coin-like forms by a sovereign government mint. Today, gold coins for sale have become increasingly popular investments that many people are adding gold coins into their portfolio of gold investments. The top four gold coins to buy for investment include American Gold Eagle coins, American Gold Buffalo, British Gold Sovereign, and Australian Gold Kangaroo Coin. They’re different reasons why they are worth buying; easily recognizable, easy to trade, high-value retention, etc.

  1. The American Gold Eagle coins are produced by the United States Mint.

*Easily Recognizable

American Gold Eagle coins are easily recognizable. Any coin collector will recognize the image of Lady Liberty wearing a Native American headdress on the front. On the back is a male eagle carrying an olive branch to his nest, where a female eagle is waiting. This makes them gold coins for sale because people know their design.

*Easy to Trade

They are easy to trade. They have a simple design, and they have been minted for many years. You can find many old American Gold Eagle coins in gold bullion online shops and local coin stores. Therefore, you can use them as cash to buy things or sell them at local coin shops.

*High-Value Retention

They also retain their value well. This means that they are able to maintain their current price during unstable markets. This is because people know that they will always be able to resell their American Gold Eagle gold coins for close to the same price or more than what they paid. Hence making them good gold coins for sale.

  1. The American Gold Buffalo coins are produced by the United States Mint.
  • Easily Recognizable

American gold buffalo gold coins are easily recognizable gold coins in the market. Let’s say if you want to buy gold with cash, there are gold bars and gold coins available in the market. The American gold buffalo gold coin is one of them. It’s easily recognizable because of its design and gold content.

  • Easy to Trade

Another benefit of American gold buffalo gold coins is that it’s an easy to trade gold coin. The reason being it comes with a fairly stable market price. So there is little chance the prices will suddenly plummet or it might reach a very high price which could be hard to trade for.

  • High-Value Retention

In addition, American gold buffalo gold coins have good value retention. American gold buffalo gold coins have a good market value and it also has a very high purity of about 99.99% meaning it has a good gold content for its price. Therefore, when you buy American gold buffalo gold coins, the price is quite stable and does not decrease significantly making them good gold coins for sale.

  1. British gold Sovereign coins are produced by the Royal Mint in Llantrisant, Wales.
  • Easily Recognizable

The British gold Sovereign is one of the most easily recognizable and good gold coins for sale. The design of the coin has stayed exactly the same for over 100 years. There’s no way to replicate this kind of style, which makes the coin almost impossible to counterfeit.

  • Easy to Trade

It is also very easy to trade and sell. The coin has been around for over 100 years, and therefore, there are a lot of buys and sell offers regarding the coin. It is easy to find a professional that will buy or sell your coins at fair market prices, without charging unreasonably high fees.

  • High-Value Retention

The British gold Sovereign is very stable when it comes to retaining its value. During the ten years prior to 2014, it retained at least 80% of its value. Even during the 2008 financial crisis, the coin maintained at least 80% of its value, which was quite an impressive achievement.

  1. Australian Gold Kangaroo Coins are produced by The New Zealand Mint
  • Easily Recognizable

First, there is the ease of recognition. What this means is that it’s a world-famous gold bullion coin with a very long history and has been around for decades. The Australian Gold Kangaroo Coins are struck from 22-karat gold and depict an Australian Kangaroo on the obverse of each coin. They have a legal tender value of one hundred Australian dollars per gold coin.

  • Easy to Trade

The coins come in a variety of sizes including 1/20 oz. 1/10 oz. ¼ oz. ½ Oz and 1 oz. coins. What this means is that you can choose from a variety of weights and sizes to meet your needs. Therefore, making them amazing gold coins for sale.

  • High-Value Retention

The high quality of the coins and their ability to retain value over time has made these gold coins a favorite among investors. This makes them profitable to store in security deposit boxes, home safes, and even strong boxes. This will provide you with high-value retention when compared to other lower-priced investments.


Gold coins for sale typically vary in gold content, gold purity, gold weight, and gold value since gold prices change every day. For those of you that are new to the scene and do not know how to purchase gold coins, it is advisable to go about the process carefully and to do your research so that you don’t get taken advantage of. The above-discussed gold coins are a good start for investing.

Written by Enaa Mari

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