How to Rotate PDF Easily (2021 updated)

Although PDF files are easy to use, changing the orientation of the page that better fits your screen and position will be an easier way to read without any hassle. Rotating PDF pages allows you to rotate or re-orient all the pages or selected pages according to your comfort to make your reading easier. However, not all PDF readers have this feature. You do not have to adjust just because your PDF reader doesn’t have this feature. Numerous apps help you in rotating PDF pages.



CocoDoc is one of the best PDF editing apps available online, both for free and premium versions based on your needs. CocoDoc provides all PDF editing features like editing, merging, converting, compressing, and rotating. You can also store your edited files so that you can visit back your edited works if at all you lose your documents on your local device.

CocoDoc allows you to rotate your PDF pages in just a click, and you can choose to make your rotation temporary or permanent. You can also rotate only a few of the pages or the entire PDF based on your requirements. There are numerous options to edit your PDF in your style and in a customized way. CocoDoc offers a 14-day free trial. If you have bulk requirements, you can choose to shift to a premium plan, which is available at affordable rates.

Unlike other convention PDF editing platforms, CocoDoc enables you to unlock a locked PDF, assists you in numbering your PDF pages, delete a selection of pages from your PDF, add watermarks, create fillable forms, and many more.

Easy Guide To Rotate PDF Online 

Rotating PDF pages through CocoDoc is an easy task. You can follow the below steps:

  • STEP1: Visit the CocoDoc website and click on the Tools section. You can see the “Rotate PDF” option under the Tools section. Select Rotate PDF.
  • STEP2: A new page pops up right in front of you where you can see an option to drop or insert the PDF that you want to be rotated. Select the “Choose file” option.

insert the PDF

  • STEP3: Your local files folder will pop up, and you need to choose the required file.
  • STEP4: Your file gets uploaded on the site within a few seconds. Complete the Sign-up process so that your works are stored on CocoDoc’s cloud.

gets uploaded

  • STEP5: Now, a page opens asking you to provide all the specifications required to rotate your PDF as per your personalized requirements.

rotate your PDF

  • STEP6: Highlight the pages that you want to be rotated or select “All” if you want all the pages to be rotated.
  • STEP7: Select the orientation “clockwise” or “Anti-clockwise.”
  • STEP8: Save and apply the specifications.

Save and apply

  • STEP9: Within a few minutes, your rotated PDF will be generated, and you can download your output file.

rotated PDF

This guide provides you a simple process to rotate your PDF.

Features of the Rotate PDF Tool

CocoDoc’s rotate PDF tool involves the following features:

  • Re-orientation of pages according to your required direction.
  • Re-orientation of either selected or whole of the PDF.
  • Storing the output file in the CocoDoc’s cloud after rotating.
  • Re-orientation of even or odd-numbered pages.
  • Instant flipping of pages as it has an inbuilt PDF rotator tool.
  • Accessible on any device. So, you are not bound by the compatibility of your device now.
  • Rotation of pages in 90, 180, and 270 degrees.
  • Rotation of pages permanently without any watermarks even in the free version.
  • No restrictions on the number of pages or even file size.


Rotating PDF pages has not been an easy task earlier. Various rotating tools and interfaces have made it possible. CocoDoc is a comprehensive solution for all your PDF editing needs. File safety is central to client’s satisfaction, and it strives to improve their functionality without compromising on their user’s file safety, security, and privacy. And the best part is all this is available for free.

Written by Crystal Rae

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