Top Three Rights You Never Knew You Had

Top Three Rights You Never Knew You Had

Life is good! Yes, you could agree to it, only if you knew all your rights. You might be surprised to know that there is a lot that you don’t know when it comes to your rights, such as the September 11th Victim Compensation fund or World Trade Center Health Program. If you are suffering from a 9/11 Related Cancers or illness, and were present during or after the 9/11 attacks, you may be eligible for compensation and health benefits. This fact leads us to the question, how much do we know about what we are entitled to? And why do so many things go unnoticed? The answer to this heavily depends on your awareness about things and whether you know the importance of having a powerful attorney by your side.

The bottom line is that thousands of rights are ours and can improve our lives. However, we don’t know much about it. Rest assured, we have listed below some of the most important yet grossly overlooked rights that we have as a general population residing in the USA. Read on to learn more about important human rights.

The Right to Protect Your Passwords

One of the essential yet outrageously unknown human rights is that we are not obligated to reveal our passwords to law enforcement. This includes the passwords to our tech gadgets, garage, smart homes, etc. There might be a few exceptions (when you have committed a crime), yet, you are under no obligation to let law enforcement in on your gadget passwords.

The underlying reason is that your tech gadgets might contain information that can be manipulated and used against you. And the fact is that no one, not even the police, can force you into self-incrimination. That said, next time you get randomly stopped by a police officer treating you like a suspect, don’t give in to the pressure by giving up your password. Know your right to protect your password and keep a cool head when faced with unnecessary circumstances that involve law enforcement.

The Right of Discontinue a Law Enforcement Search

Know what you are signing up for! Just because you agreed and gave the officers a thumbs up for an authorized search, it doesn’t mean that you have to allow them to continue it till the very end. Yes, you read this one right! You have the right to call off a search and even ask the police officers to leave your home premises after having allowed them to enter your property. Many people don’t know about this, but the law officers have to discontinue and leave you alone if you use your rights and ask them to do the needful.

The Right of Not Answering to Questions

This right is one of the most important rights you have as a human being living on this planet. You are not obliged to answer anyone, strangers, neighbors, and most importantly, the law enforcement officials. The importance of remaining and using your right to stay silent cannot be pressed enough – it can save you from false imprisonment. If you ever face criminal charges and find yourself accused of crimes that you never committed, remain calm and remain silent. Your lawyer is the only person you are safe to talk to. Avoid the urge to explain and defend yourself – allow your lawyer to handle the situation.

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