How to Speed up Lenovo Laptop?

This article will show you how to speed upLenovo laptop. Before attempting to do so you should make sure that your computer is properly cared for and cleaned prior to trying any of these procedures. You should also make sure your hard disk is clean and there are no problems with your RAM. If your system runs slow, you can expect that there are many problems that are causing it.

Following are the things that you must need to follow to make your laptop runs fast.

Make sure you have enough storage

The first thing you want to check is the hard drive. If there is not enough free space left on your disk then the computer will struggle when trying to find data. This can cause the computer to take ages to search through the directories that it needs. The first thing you can do is add more free space onto the hard drive. I would recommend that you do this by manually adding more disk space onto the hard drive, however, if you are uncomfortable doing this you can use the disk cleanup software that is available to do this for you.

Use Anti-virus Software

The next thing you want to check is if you have any viruses or spyware installed on your computer. If you do, then you should remove these as soon as possible otherwise your laptop will struggle to search the files it requires from a clean environment. The best way to remove viruses and spyware from a computer is to use a good antivirus software application. You can download the free version of this software from the internet and install it onto your laptop.

Check for any damaged files

After that you should search for any damaged or corrupted system files on your PC. The reason for this is that if any files are corrupted in the PC then your laptop will be unable to read them. To do this, just right click on the CAB files icon which is in the start menu. This will open a new window, search for the system files folder and click on delete. Make sure that you save this change as it will not come back again.

Shifting from HDD to SSD

The last thing you want to look at when trying to speed up your Lenovo laptop is upgrading the hard drive to SSD. In today’s era, where HDD’s are no longer in use as the new Solid-State Drives (SSD’s) are in the market. SSD’s are way much faster than old HDDs. Therefore, shifting from HDD to SSD will make a significant impact on Speed.

Defragment Your System

Once you have done all of this you should then restart your laptop, after doing this you should see that your PC should load much faster, but it may take a few minutes for it to actually boot up properly. After this has been done you can then use a tool called an Aomei Partition Assistant Professional to defragment and clean up your hard disk/ SSD. To get the best result from this tool you should let it defragment your system, this should improve the speed of your PC. When defragmenting your system, you should ensure that all of the fragments that are left from incomplete software packages are deleted. To clean up the physical memory of your computer, you should use a tool called Disk Defragmenter, which should be located inside the program’s folder.

Still not getting results?

If you have done all the steps, still your laptop is performing some fishy things or tends to be slow, you probably need to have a fresh windows installation. Make sure the window is original so that you won’t face any issues later and get updates. Along with this, using a PC cleaning software is recommended. With time to time, you should definitely run the cleaner to remove all your junk files and caches that makes your laptop slow.


If you apply these guides, there would be 100% surety that you’ll feel like you’ve just bought a brand-new PC/Laptop.

Written by Crystal Rae

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