How To Spot a Failing Battery Before It’s Too Late

How To Spot a Failing Battery Before It's Too Late

It’s time to leave for work, and you’re running late. You run out to the car, but it won’t start. This is an experience that has probably happened to most people at some point in their lives. It’s possible to prevent this from happening with a bit of proactive thought and action. Knowing the warning signs that your battery is failing is particularly useful in avoiding this circumstance. Let’s look at a few of these.

The Lifespan of a Battery

Although a car battery can last up to 10 years, it will last at least two years. The older the battery is, the more likely an issue will occur. When you drive your car, you charge the battery. Therefore, if you let your car sit for too long, the efficacy of your battery can decrease. If your car sits unused for long periods, you can purchase a battery maintainer Schumacher to help keep your battery fully charged.

Lights Are Dimming

One true tale sign that your battery is losing power is the dimming of the headlights. When this happens, the lights are not getting enough power from the battery. Not only is this indicative that it’s time for a new battery, but it is perilous. Your lights are needed to see when driving particularly at night or in bad weather conditions. Dimming lights is also a symptom of other electrical issues, but you can start by checking your battery post shim. If the battery terminal is loose, it can affect the electrical flow.

Car Has Issues When Starting

You may notice that your car doesn’t start like it used to. It seems a little slow when starting. Another typical indication is that you have to press the gas to start the car when you usually only press the brake and turn the key in the ignition or push the start button. If these situations arise, it’s time to check the battery to ensure it is still good.

Car Is Making Strange Noises

No one likes to hear strange car noises. This is a signal that something is wrong. Hopefully, you have time to repair the issue before getting stuck without your car. When you start your car, and it makes a strange noise, it could be your battery having difficulty providing power to the engine. There also may be a clicking sound when you start the engine, which is an indication that the battery is sending a weaker charge to the car starter solenoid.

Check Battery Light Is On

You probably already know what this sign means. If your check battery light is on, it is perhaps a warning that you need a new one. You can take your car to a local auto parts store to check the battery’s level and replace it before it leaves you stuck somewhere.

Knowing the signs of a failing battery can help prevent you from being stuck somewhere or stop you from being late to an event because your car won’t start. As soon as you notice these signals, check your battery. If needed, have it replaced right away.

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