How to Get Rid of Acne Scars?

The Easiest Way to Treat Your Acne Scars

With effective acne scar treatment in Melbourne, you will not just get rid of the acne scars but also achieve tighter, smoother and healthier facial skin.

We experience acne breakouts on our skin during our adolescent years. These breakouts cause scarring on our facial skin. As we gradually age, these acne scars become more noticeable due to the natural loss of collagen from the skin. Acne scarring or acne scars are completely different skin problems than acne breakouts. Therefore, their acne scar treatment procedures are also different from that of acne treatment.

Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre conducts the most advanced TGA & FDA approved acne scar treatment in Melbourne with premium products and equipment. Consult our experienced dermatologist now to know more.

How to get rid of acne scars

Acne is a very common skin condition that affects almost 80% of people in the age group of 11 to 30 years. Acne can appear on your face, chest, shoulders and back. The resulting irritation may feel never-ending, but it does go away and then you can effectively deal with the scarring on the skin.

Consult an experienced dermatologist. The doctor will first conduct a detailed skin examination and focus on treating the acne. Because fewer acne breakouts will ultimately result in fewer scars, which could be effectively treated. One good news for you is that not all types of acne scars are flat and that they could be effectively removed with various non-surgical and effective cosmetic treatments.

After managing the acne breakouts, the dermatologist then focuses attention on the acne scars. The top three options for acne scar treatment in Melbourne include:

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is a new and advanced technology that can effectively reduce scarring without damaging the natural skin. The TGA & FDA approved vascular specific laser devices directly target the blood vessels which stimulate collagen and elastin production. This helps to lighten raised or flat scars which are purple or pink and flatten the raised scarring.

Experienced dermatologists at Nitai Skin & Laser Clinic often use TGA & FDA approved Carbon Dioxide Laser or Fractional Laser to effectively treat acne scarring.

Post laser treatment, the skin may appear red and swollen and may even bleed for a few days. However, these are temporary side effects and necessary to get rid of the scarring. These temporary side effects usually go away within a few days post-treatment.

On average, patients may need about 3 to 4 laser treatment sessions to completely get rid of the acne scars. The number of sessions required may differ for different patients. It mainly depends on the type of acne scarring and the skin type.

Laser treatment can also effectively treat other types of skin scarring such as the ones from tattoo removal, burns and skin cancer.

Chemical peel

A chemical peel is another effective non-surgical cosmetic acne scar treatment in Melbourne. In this treatment, the doctor applies a chemical solution to your facial skin. The solution causes the skin to blister and peels off. This action exfoliates the skin to remove the dead skin cells present in the top layer of the skin and reveal the healthy skin underneath. This leads to the growth of new healthy skin tissues that reduce the scarring and makes your skin smoother, tighter and more radiant.

Peeling can cause skin redness, cold sores and swelling. However, these are temporary side effects and necessary outcomes of acne scar treatment. These side effects can be effectively managed and usually go away within a few days post-treatment.

People with mild acne or scaring can opt for the chemical peel treatment to achieve the best results.


Microneedling is also called collagen induction therapy and uses a pen-shaped device or a fine needle roller device to puncture the top layer of the skin and create minute holes. This process stimulates the production of collagen and elastin: the protein-rich growth factors of healthy skin tissues. This action stimulates the growth of new and healthy skin tissues which greatly diminish the appearance of scars and further improve the skin texture.

The skin may appear red post-treatment, however, it is temporary and goes away within a few days post-treatment. Most people may need about 5 to 6 micro-needling treatment sessions to completely remove the scarring and achieve a smoother, flawless skin texture.

The doctor may recommend more than one kind of acne scar treatment depending on the skin condition and your requirement. Some scars can be effectively treated with micro-needling while others may need laser treatment.

These non-surgical cosmetic acne scar treatments can effectively diminish the appearance of acne scarring, improve the skin texture, and provide you with smoother, radiant and acne-free skin.

If you want to consult a dermatologist for acne scar treatment in Melbourne, you must visit Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre today.

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